21-Day Organization Challenge–Day 17 – The Trunk of Your Car

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We are in the home stretch…four days left of our 21 day challenge. As we discovered during this challenge, each challenge is based on the level of your disorganization of the chosen space. Each of you should modify the assignments of this challenge to fit you and your lifestyle. Today, day, will focus on the trunk of your car.

As a reminder, if you have missed any of the earlier challenges, you can find them all here. There is always time to catch up.

The concept of the challenge is as follows – I will suggest a 10 minute assignment daily for the next 21 days. You read that right I am only asking for 10 minutes out of your day to spend on each area/project. I guarantee you will see a difference when the challenge is over. The challenge begins on January 6, 2015 and ends January 27, 2015.

Today’s challenge should move very quickly for everyone. After all how much clutter can you have in the trunk of your car? Not much right?

Remember to set your timer or alarm on your cell phone so that you do not get involved and spend more than the allotted 10 minutes (that would be a disaster). Just kidding, I recognize organization can become addictive. Look at me!

  1. First step, remove everything from the trunk. Make sure to have your trash receptacle near and toss all things non-related to your car.
  2. If you’ve been hauling around some things that should be in the house or garage, put them there.
  3. Car care items and cleaning supplies should not be rolling around all willy nilly in the trunk. If you have jumper cables, WD40, flares, tire cleaner, etc., in the trunk of your car, these items should be corralled in some sort of container. Mine are in a clear plastic container and I have velcroed it to the floor of the trunk so it does not move around while I am driving.
  4. If you do not have a plastic container, a wicker basket will do just fine until you get one. Yes a wicker basket in your trunk. It should not move around too much and it’s better than having your stuff all over the place.
  5. The trunk of your car or the back of your SUV should not be used as an additional storage room. Unfortunately my husband and I have this debate all the time. He keeps his fishing gear in the back of his SUV. So if we go thrifting or even grocery shopping, we always have to move stuff around to use the area. I say you don’t fish every day, why not store the gear until you do. He says, you never know when the mood may strike. With his vehicle, he is winning this debate so far. 🙂
  6. If you have time left over once you have purged the vehicle, a quick vacuuming of the trunk of your car would be great!
  7. That’s all folks. Task complete. Told you, a quick one today.

 Note: The only other items that should be in your trunk, especially this time of year is a winter survival kit, especially if you live in an area where winters are severe. You can find a perfect list of items to add to a winter car survival kit here.

 On another noteOne thing I do religiously. When I wash or have my car washed I always have the trunk vacuumed.

Today’s assignment is over. *happy dance*

Enjoy the rest of your day…I hope you enjoyed your 10 minutes of organizing and remember, A place for everything…Everything in its place.

Visit my site tomorrow for your next 10-minute challenge.  See you there!

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