6 Tips For Spring Cleaning Done Fast

Cleaning Done Fast

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6 Tips for Getting Spring Cleaning Done Fast

Spring cleaning is an essential yearly event that can change the way you feel about your home, and even your life. A time to get rid of the old, and bring on the new… spring cleaning can make your home feel like a brand new one. It can be difficult to organize your workflow, though, so here are a few ideas you can implement that will allow you to get your spring cleaning done fast. 

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Have a Plan in Place

When you embark on spring cleaning, it helps to have a plan ready to follow. Of course, you will want to be flexible and go with the flow when unexpected events arise, but you will find it is much easier to stay on track when you have a list prepared beforehand of what you want to accomplish. Whether it is brief or detailed is up to you, as long as it is there. I love to-do lists. They make me happy.

Cleaning Done Fast

Put on Some Upbeat Music

Nothing makes cleaning more bearable than some good music. Gather your favorite tunes and prepare a special spring cleaning playlist. Lively music with a good, strong beat is one of the best ways to keep your energy up when you have a big job ahead. I love to clean to music in or outside. But my list isn’t always upbeat and booming. Sometimes, depending on my mood, it all about the love songs. I know, I know…I’m weird.  😛 Don’t judge me!

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Schedule in Breaks

You will most certainly be working hard while spring cleaning, but you don’t want to burn out. Be sure to schedule in some breaks for yourself. Even a 15-minute break once every few hours will keep your spirits up. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and grab a snack during this time, as it will give you the energy necessary to stick to the task.

Race against Yourself

The best challenge is a challenge against yourself. When you are engaging in spring cleaning, give yourself the challenge of beating your own speed. Set a timer and try to beat the minutes or hours you spent in the last room. Be creative in your challenges, and the time will fly by. Make your challenges fun. Like you can challenge yourself to finish a task before a certain song on your playlist ends. Or you could even challenge yourself to win some sort of reward. For instance, if I finish the drawers in the kitchen today…mani, pedi here I come. Make it fun and worth it – see below!! 

Cleaning Done Fast

Set a Goal with a Reward

From young to old, we all love a great reward. When you have a huge task such as spring cleaning to accomplish, it can help to give yourself a specific goal and reward yourself with something special when that goal has been achieved. Whether you want to go out for dinner when finished or get a pedicure with a friend, you deserve to be pampered after all your hard work. This will give you something to look forward to, and to motivate you when you are feeling burnt out and ready to quit.

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Spring cleaning can take as little or as long as you let it. If you are trying to get your organizing done in as little time as possible, there are ways to give you the extra boost you need. Use some of these tips as motivation, and you will notice how much easier it is to keep on track and get the job done. A squeaky clean, organized home comes to those who persist. Come on it, we can do it!


Make it your business to have all your supplies on hand. The worst thing, in my opinion, is to begin a project and have to stop and shop because you do not have all of the supplies you need. Going out to shop is so distracting and can get your plan off track. Or at least that’s how it works for me. First of all, if I go out, I am never going to simply pick up cleaning supplies and run right back home. Nope, I will have to look around at other items and maybe stop to have lunch and then, while I’m out, I may as well stop by my other favorite stores.  😀 You understand…right? At any rate, I need to have my cleaning items on-hand. How about you? Would get distracted if you had to stop a project to shop?


 What have you got to lose? It is so rewarding when everything old is new again.

Organize your life


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4 thoughts on “6 Tips For Spring Cleaning Done Fast

  1. Mary says:

    Clearissa this is the only year I have not done “spring cleaning”. It’s because I have been on an ongoing quest to get settled into our new old living space. But I do believe all of these tips apply to me as well. I especially like the one about the music! Nothing like a good tune to get you moving.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Mary,

    Settling into your new old living space. Hummmm…fun I hope. Moving always pushes you to organize and re-evaluate your stuff so I’m sure you are getting your spring cleaning out of the way during the move. Have fun with it and make sure to put some music on while you work. 🙂

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Christina,

    Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the tips. I am with you, I get into a rhythm when I’m cleaning too and having to stop and shop gets me off my game. 🙂

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