Something Old Is New Again & Beautiful

Hall Table

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 Something Old Is New Again & Beautiful

What do you do when a favorite piece of furniture begins to look dated and needs a refresh? Do you toss it and purchase something new or do you give that piece of furniture a refresh and continue to love it? Well, if you know me, I go for the refresh as-long-as the furniture piece is still sturdy and attractive. Thusly, the case with this table. A friend who began to dabble in woodwork made this table for me over 28-years ago and I have a sentimental attachment to it. It was very rustic and stained when I received it and then I painted it a bright yellow (see below in the before picture) and now I am going to paint it once again. This time I am going to tone it down and paint it in a more subdued and clean color. I have collaborated with Dixie Belle Paint Company to complete this project and I am so happy I did. Let’s get started with Something Old Is New Again & Beautiful.

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Hall Table Upcycle
Some of my supplies. The orange soda is my energy inspiration. 🙂 Don’t judge!


Paint                                      Dixie Belle Paint – Butter Cream

Paint                                      Dixie Belle Paint – Hurricane Grey

Paint Brush                          Dixie Belle Paint – Chip Brush

Paint Brush                          Stencil Brush

Warm soapy cloth

Clear Coat Sealer              Dixie Belle Paint – Satin Clear Coat

Stencil Of Your Choice    Optional

Painters Tape

Clean Dry Cloth

Restore A Finish    Howard Restore A Finish In Dark Walnut

Hall Table
Let’s Get Started
Hall Table
The Table Before


Note: I am not painting the table top

Wipe the bottom half of the table down with the warm soapy cloth

Allow to dry

Once dry

Apply first coat of paint to the bottom half of the table (as best as you can, follow the grain of the wood when painting)

Allow to dry (approximately an hour)

Once dry

Apply a second coat of paint

Allow to dry (approximately an hour)

Touch up any areas with paint that need further coverage

Allow to dry completely (approximately 2  hours)

Once dry

Tape stencil in place using painters tape

Use stencil brush to paint stencil onto the front of the table

Allow to dry completely (approximately 2 hours to avoid smudging)

Once dry

Apply 1st coat of clear satin finish

Allow to dry (approximately 30 minutes)              

Once dry

Apply a second coat of clear satin finish

Allow to dry completely (approximately 4 hours)

Pour the Restor A Finish onto the clean cloth

Rub the liquid all over the top of the table

Allow to dry (15 minutes)

Apply a second coat of the Restor A Finish

And there you have it. A little paint, a little time and a lot of patience and I have a new table. What do you think of the new look? Do you have any upcoming paint projects? Do you have a favorite paint product?

Hall Table

Note: I am hoping to have a video of this project on my channel in a day or two. There you can watch me go through the steps in real time. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and catch my videos when they are uploaded. 

Note 1: You can find the video here.

Hall Table
Romey decided this was all about him!


What have you got to lose? It is so rewarding when something old is new again. Try an upcycle and I’ll help in any way I can! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Hall Table
As you can see, I have company

Hall Table

Hall Table

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Hall Table

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13 thoughts on “Something Old Is New Again & Beautiful

  1. Dorothy Berry-Lound says:

    This is great, I love giving old furniture a new look. Many years ago before he met me, my husband bought an old writing desk that had been brought back to life and decorated using decoupage. It was stunning!

  2. Victoria says:

    I love the new color you picked for your table. My mother used to redo our furniture. we would leave for school with a table one color and when we got home it would be another. lol

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    So glad I inspired you. Stay tuned this week for another upcycle. It should be on the blog on Tuesday. I hope you like that one too. I would love to see pictures of your table too.

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