Are TV Doctor Shows a Valid Source of Information?

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By Clearissa Coward’s Command Center

I Watch Television Doctors…Do You?

Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Dr. Besser. All television doctors dispensing advice and life lessons on a daily basis. Are they authentic doctors? Is their advice factual? Should we or do you actually follow their daily recommendations? These doctors delve deeper and make other diagnosis and/or suggestions that involve changing entire eating habits or that include having cosmetic surgery or sending family members off to different facilities that we have, or at least I have never heard of. Are they saviors affording regular people opportunities they would otherwise never experience or are they opportunist who are using the less the misfortune of the less fortunate to line their own pockets. I am not really sure. There are days some of these shows bring me to tears and there are other days I simply can’t believe what I’m watching.

I have watched them all. They have each dispensed advice and lifestyle guidance that I have considered and some I have actually tried. But should we actually accept medical or psychological advice from TV physicians? I think they provide good and cutting edge information but it is our responsibility to do the research to ensure the advice is accurate and more importantly…safe.

Dr. Oz

My Favorite TV Doctor

Let me say this at the onset. Dr. Oz is my personal favorite. He has that perfect bedside or TV manner that says trust me. His demeanor oozes I’m here for you through the TV. His style is laid back and he is soft spoken and makes me feel like he is speaking directly to me. But of course I know, realistically, that he is not. J

I have tried some of Dr. Oz’s suggestions. Changing my eating habits, adding cardio to my workout routine, and ginger to my diet to aid digestion were all suggestions from Dr. Oz. One piece of advice from Dr. Oz that I would even recommend and still continue to use is pure tart cherry juice every night for a good night’s sleep. I was having issues getting my 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night and I watched a Dr. Oz episode where this was a suggestion that did not cost a lot, did not require seeing a specialist and one that I could begin right away. I have to say, that for now, it works for me. I drink a shot glass full of the juice every night before bed and I have been sleeping straight through the night without interruption. For that, I could kiss him.

On the other hand, Dr. Oz was recently question by the US Senate concerning claims about certain weight loss products that apparently used his name. He says he did not support these companies and they used his likeness without his permission. However; there are those that disagree. There are those who believe Dr. Oz was involved in the promotion of these products. Some of his critics even accuse his show of being nothing more than a daily infomercial. A little harsh I know, but being a laymen, I am happy there are other agencies looking out for the best interest of the consumer.

Dr. Phil

I have watched Dr. Phil’s metamorphosis over the years from the big country boy with a quick wit and a seemingly sincere heart that Oprah introduced, into the television personalities he and his family members are today. I say personalities only because if you watch Dr. Phil, you are also exposed to his wife’s latest ventures as well as his son Jay’s. I have several different opinions but what sticks out to me the most is his stage presence or bed side manner. Let me just say it this way, when he is unhappy with a guest, he can really let them have it and if I were seeking a life coach or psychologist I would hope we did not have to have such argumentative exchanges. He can be compassionate but if you are not on his good side…it can be a heated encounter. Sometimes I am not sure how to take his abruptness. With that said, some of his guests really need that tone I suppose. Some of his guests are living volatile lives.

The Doctors TV Show

The Doctors is a hip new show with younger doctors – well except one, who are on the cutting edge of new treatments and advice. This show touches on everything from discussing unspeakable bodily functions, which is refreshing…sometimes, to performing surgery during the one hour program. This show offers a lot of information in a short period of time. That is just my personal opinion and it depends on the day and the topics. Other days they leave me something new and improved to research and they make me laugh. They are produced by Dr. Phil’s son and the concept is a good one. Also, all of the physicians have a great bedside manner/TV presence and they introduce new treatments that I would probably never hear about if I were not watching the show. This show is very entertaining. I enjoy it.

Dr. Besser

Dr. Besser, in my opinion, has remained truest to his profession and oath to do no harm. Not even for the cameras. He recently had a segment on Good Morning America about the immunization of children. And although he definitely comes down on one side of this debate, he was kind to the parents on the other side of the coin. He was firm, yet kind and diplomatic and to me that is the expected and desired manner of someone who has dedicated his/her life to making life better for others. Although he made no bones about his recommendation and the affects of not following his advice, he speaks from a medical standpoint and it is definitely NOT personal. Dr. Besser comes across as an actual practicing doctor who happens to be on TV instead of a TV personality who happens to be a doctor.

So What Do You Think?

I believe the answer to my initial question is a conditional “yes.” There are subjects my TV doctors broach that I definitely think includes real and valid information. There are other times; however, that I would definitely seek a second and third opinion. But think about it…depending on the diagnosis or advice I would do the exact same for my real time physician as well.

What do you think? Do you trust TV doctors? Which TV doctor show is your favorite? More importantly, who is your least favorite and why? Am I being judgmental or simply cautious?

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