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The Black and White Upcycle Project…Plus

What a mess. Yes, a Mess! I thought I had all of this “before” footage for this project; however, once I checked my camera, it wasn’t there. Nope, nada, no. No footage. Well, not what I thought I had. But I am nothing if I am not resilient and improvision is my middle name. Therefore, I decided that if I couldn’t bring you a video of the steps to complete the Black and White Upcycle Project, I could have pictures of the before and after along with step-by-step instructions. And that my friends is what we have.

I almost squashed this project, but I decided not to allow circumstances to make all of my work null and void. So, let’s get started with this project. Let’s improvise. Let’s not allow past circumstances to dictate future success. Let’s create!

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How It Began:

Black and White Upcycle Project

I had a very successful thrifting haul. The items I picked up were random. Nothing was the same and there was nothing that appeared to be related but they all spoke to me and of course when thrifting, the most important thing is price and in the case of all of these items, the price was right.

As you can see, there are quite a few thrifted items. However, the candles were not thrifted and the liquor bottle that is already painted in the photo was gifted to me by one of my friends. Also, at the posting of this article, I found another one of the short jars and although they are not completely black and white, they were a part of this thrifting haul and therefore became a part of the “Black and White Project”.


The Liquor Bottle:

This bottle was a gift from my friend. They collect them for me. It was a see-through bottle and I had painted the first coat of paint before I decided to make this a blog/vlog project. The first step was to add what ended up being two coats of chalk paint. For all these pieces I used Dixie Belle, Buttercream as the basecoat.

Black and White Upcycle Project

1. Paint bottle with 2 coats of chalk paint
2. Find a paper you love
3. Cut out the designs from the paper you’ve chosen
4. After the paint is completely dry add first layer of Mod Podge
5. Apply paper cut outs
6. Smooth paper using plastic wrap
7. Add second and third coats of Mod Podge (allow to dry between coats)
8. Finish with Satin finish clear coat
9. Wrap twine around the top of the bottle and add a trinket for style (optional)

Black and White Upcycle Project

Jar and Candle Holder Combined:

The next upcycle was the jar and the long-stemmed candlestick. I married the two pieces.

Black and White Upcycle Project

1. Add two coats of chalk paint to both pieces
2. Glue the candlestick to the bottom of the jar (I used E6000) be sure to center
3. I like to allow the glue to dry overnight for best permanent adhesion results (this is optional)
4. After the paint is completely dry add first layer of Mod Podge
5. Smooth paper using plastic wrap
6. Apply paper cut outs
7. Add second and third coats of Mod Podge (allow to dry between coats)
8. Coat with Satin finish clear coat
9. Wrap twine around the top of the bottle and add a trinket for style (optional)

The Candle:

I cannot call the project with the candle an upcycle because they were new, but I can call the project a DIY. The candle is a plain, unscented, white candle. Boring…right? Not for long!

Black and White Upcycle Project

1. You will need a sheet of parchment paper, hairdryer, the shape(s) you want to add and ribbon for this project
2. Choose a picture you like from either a napkin or thin shelf or scrapbooking paper
3. If the paper is too thick it will make it more difficult to melt the paper into the wax
4. Cut out the shapes of the paper you want to add
5. Place your paper/napkin where you would like it on the candle and place your parchment paper tightly over the chosen design
6. Turn your blow dryer to medium or high heat
7. Run the dryer over the design you’ve chosen making sure to hold the parchment paper tight
8. Do not touch the parchment with the hairdryer but do get very close
9. Once the wax begins to come up over the design, you can remove the parchment paper to check your project
10. If not completely embedded, continue to heat until the design becomes a part of the candle
11. Always remember to re-wrap the parchment paper over the design while heating (this will not only protect the design but your fingers as well – The wax gets really hot)
12. I also added a piece of ribbon that I hot glued to the to top of the candle (optional) to finish it off

The Tray:

The tray was a silver tray I thrifted quite a while back. It has been simply hanging around so I thought I would add it to this upcycle.

I am sorry to say I do not have a before of the silver tray. But if you thrift at all and even if you don’t, you know that these little silver trays are everywhere. So, close your eyes and imagine a $1.50 silver tray from a thrift shop. If you check out my YouTube page, you will see the before in the video.


That’s It:

That’s it for the black and white project friends. I do have a little footage and will upload that along with some other pictures to my YouTube channel as well.

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Need a little more cute storage? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? I have the perfect upcycled storage for jewelry, cotton swabs, cotton balls or wipes, makeup, craft supplies, pet snacks, the list is endless. Let’s see where it began.

Black and White Upcycle Project

I married the two pieces above to create decorative storage pieces.

1. Paint the votive candle holder on the inside and the top of the upcycled candle jar the same color. Again I chose Buttercream
2. While the paint dries glue the candle jar to the votive candle holder (make sure the votive candle holder is turned upside down and glue the candle jar to what is usually the bottom of the votive candle holder
3. I liked the color of the candle jar so I did not paint the entire jar but you can if you like
4. Choose a drawer pull that you like and glue that to the top of the container (optional)
5. This step is totally optional – I cut the words Faith and Blessed using my Cricut and added them to the two containers for an added touch of personalization

Black and White Upcycle Project

That is the black and white project. Although a bit time-consuming, the upcycle projects were pretty simple and enjoyable. Let me know if you try any of the projects or if you are interested in purchasing any of the items they will be available in my online craft boutique.

Black and White Upcycle Project

I hope this post has encouraged you to look around your house and find things you would normally toss and find a different use for them. Sometimes all it takes a little paint and some shelf lining paper that is just lying around doing nothing. Other times it may be a piece of furniture everyone has given up on but you see something or actually feel something that will not allow you to toss it. Look at those pieces again. Perhaps you will need to bring them together or maybe you just need to see them through the eyes of your creativity. What have you got to lose? It is so rewarding when everything old is new again.

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 Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!


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