Christmas Decorating On A Budget

Christmas Decorations On A Budget

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Christmas Decorating On A Budget

Christmas Decorations On A Budget

Holiday decorations make all of our celebrations special. They are all sparkly and lighted and happy…right? And if you are not careful, they can be exceptionally expensive. However, there are ways to make your Christmas bright and save money as well.  You can make your holiday decorations quickly and easily and create a festive atmosphere in your home without spending a lot of time and money. Here are some holiday decorating tips that are free and inexpensive that will require very little effort:

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Family Heirlooms:

Many of us are blessed to have ornaments and decorations that were handed down through the generations. However, if you do not have decoration hand-me-downs, why not start your own traditions and purchase ornaments that you love so that you can reuse them year after year. Also, why not make a tradition to purchase one ornament for each family member every year? That is how to build your decoration stash. You simply add on every year.

Christmas Decorations On a Budget

Shop Smart:

Another good idea is to purchase your decorations for the following year at the end of the previous season. The day after Christmas is a great day to shop for decorations. The prices are amazing and if you wait a couple of days after Christmas, the assortment may not be as vast but you can certainly find some really good bargains.


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Use festive tableware for every meal during the month of December. Search your cupboards and drawers and get out anything that looks remotely festive. You can also shop discount and one-dollar stores and find many items for the holidays that you can use every year. You can add to your collection of holiday tableware each year and soon you will have many types of dishes that will make your holidays special. Other great places to shop for festive tableware are your local thrift stores. You can find so many different candelabras and dinnerware and the prizes cannot be beaten. Also, serving dishes are abundant at thrift stores and even your local Goodwill.


Try decorating with bows. Ribbons tied around chairs, plants, candlesticks, drapes, stairs and doorknobs make wonderful decorations. Place bows and ribbons in many locations throughout your home for a festive look that is quick and easy. The bows and ribbons do not have to be green and red. You can try many colors or match the bows and ribbons to the colors you have in your home. Choose ribbons that you can reuse each year. When the holidays are over, pack the bows and ribbons carefully so that you can use them again and again. Wired ribbon are easier to work with and are great for decorating.



Christmas Decorations On A Budget

Put a holiday wreath on every door in your home. Use real pine, holly, and grapevine and decorate with berries, fruit, and pinecones. If you purchase artificial wreaths you will be able to use them year after year. Try your hand at DIYing a wreath or two as well. You will get a lot of satisfaction out of the process as well as have the option to make the wreath to match your decor. It cannot get any better than that.


Arrange many candles around the room and turn the lights off during holiday meals. You will create a special, festive atmosphere that will be remembered and anticipated by your family each year. A fire in the fireplace each night will add to the holiday spirit. You can also arrange candles in your bathroom and around your bathtub. Watch small children carefully when you decorate with candles.


Note: A great way to add the ambiance of candlelight and remain safe is to use battery operated candles. Some of them look so real, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Battery operated candles provide lots more options for placement than real candles and you don’t have to worry about forgetting and leaving them on because most come with timers. On another note, if you have family members or friends who are sensitive to smells and different fragrances, you can alleviate that issue by using battery operated candles.

Holiday decorating does not have to be difficult or expensive. Simple decorations throughout your house will make fond memories for your family and will be anticipated year after year. Make sure to put out plenty of scented potpourri and scented oils in various locations throughout your home. But again if family members are sensitive to the smells, you can use all natural items to create the smells of the holidays. Below is a quick recipe that is all natural.

Crockpot Poppouri:

4 cinnamon sticks or 4 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 sliced lemon

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1/2 sliced orange (optional)

1 tsp cloves

1 tsp nutmeg

Allow this to simmer throughout the day and your house will smell marvelous.

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