Christmas Giving Is A Blessing


From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center

Christmas Giving Is A Blessing

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center


Christmas brings new life to the believers. Long before Christmas arrives, the mood around the world changes when Christmas is approaching. It is the anticipation of lovely days ahead of giving joy, meeting friends and family, and feeling the spirit in the air that has the ability to change some of the most negative people into positive people – at least for a while.

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The Christmas holiday makes many of us feel differently about the world around us. The same man, you’ve never seen smiling, laughs during Christmas. That co-worker who is the office gossip is now sharing cookies instead of negative gossip – at least for now. That is the festive spirit of Christmas and that is why it is such a lovely time of year.


The most important part of Christmas for me is, of course, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We’ve all heard it before, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” And as a believer, that resonates with me. But everyone is not the same and everyone does not believe the same. Although we may disagree about the reason for the season or at least believe differently, we can at least agree that giving and serving our fellow man is another great benefit of the season.

If you are like me, you still send cards to friends and family via snail mail. Not email, not texted but actual Christmas cards delivered to the mailbox. I know, I know, ancient…but I love sending them and receiving them. Similarly, giving gifts is very important. Selecting the right gift for everyone, and wrapping it lovingly is joyful for me – I love experimenting with bows – a guilty pleasure. 🙂

This joy cannot be described in words. Let me also say that gifts do not have to cost a fortune. For me, the joy comes from letting someone know that I thought of them and wanted to honor our friendship or family tie with a token of my admiration and love. You cannot put a price on that feeling.


Service is also an added benefit of this time of year. For some, this is the only time of year they remember to donate food to the food bank or to serve a meal at a homeless shelter or to donate a meal to someone less fortunate. However, I would like to remind folks that people struggle and need help all year long and that is why  I like to donate food to the food bank all year and especially to a program called BackPack Buddies that provides food for needy children for the weekend when schools are closed and they may not otherwise have enough food to eat.


Not a pretty sight – But realty for many

I also put together little packages that I like to keep in my car of toiletries for the homeless population. In a ziplock bag, I add socks, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush,  and feminine products for the ladies. I used to keep around 10 packages in my care during the winter months but nowadays, the homeless population has gone underground in our, and many other areas, as to not be harassed by those who think they are a nuisance. I see fewer of them so I do not carry as many packages any longer, however, I do still have a couple. And all of these things can be purchased at the local dollar store so they do not cost a lot.


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I realize this service helps the receiver, but as the giver, there is no better feeling than the feeling that you have perhaps kept someone warm with extra socks and gloves or perhaps provided a meal with the 4 or 5 dollars in the bag. When I have the funds, I sometimes add a few dollars to a bag as well.


It’s all about the giving and the service…not the amount given. 

As I said earlier, it is the giving and the service to others that makes this season so special.  If we look at our moods and behavior, we find that we always derive greater joy in giving compared to receiving. I wish we could find a way to celebrate this spirit of giving every day? Giving could be as simple as smiling at a stranger – may be the only smile they receive that day. Giving could be as simple as hugging a friend – may be the only hug they receive that day. Giving could be as simple as holding the door for a stranger or paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line. Such small gestures, but they could mean the world to the receiver. And may I suggest that the next time you pass a homeless person, do not look past them. Look into their eyes and say hello, or God bless you or something to let them know they are not invisible. This gesture will cost you nothing but can reap huge dividends.

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Can we perpetuate this joy every day? Can we make someone happy every day? Yes, yes we can. With conscious effort, we can perform one act of kindness a day that makes someone genuinely happy. Why not carry the spirit of Christmas all year long and enjoy the happiness of giving. One is blessed when one gives. Let us give and receive these blessings year-round.

Happy Giving From My Heart To Yours.

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Until next time…Find And Remain In Your Own Personal Element – God Bless!

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Giving Is A Blessing

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for the sweet message. I do count my friendship with you as a blessing in my life. Send warm thoughts and prayers as we are almost to the day to remember the reason for the season.

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  3. alice says:

    I love that idea of keeping little care packages in your car to hand out to homeless. I always see them by where I work because there’s a shelter nearby. Thanks for that idea!

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Glad you enjoyed Alice Sorry it took me so long to respond but I was in the hospital from Dec 26 – Dec 31 and I am at home now but still recuperating. I do enjoy handing out the packages to the homeless. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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