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Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Spring Cleaning

There are several times of year that makes one want to start fresh and/or to begin anew. For me those times are the new year and spring. And during both those times, for me, cleaning out and refreshing my living space and even my life are in order.

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No matter when the clean-out, refresh, or begin anew bug hits you, you should be careful not to allow yourself to get off-track. I never clean without incorporating a little organization into the mix and I’ll bet you don’t either.

Spring Cleaning

When you are trying to do a thorough cleaning in your home, the best intentions can be laid waste when you fall into the trap of some of these mistakes. If you know what they are ahead of time, it is easier to avoid them. Keep these things in mind when you are about to do your annual spring cleaning, or any other time you have an important cleaning job ahead of you.

Going Too Fast

When you rush through something as important as spring cleaning, you will almost always regret it later. Spring cleaning is a big job, and not the time to rush yourself or anyone else who may be helping. Take your time and make sure you do things right, as this will save you time spent correcting your mistakes later.  It  is  also  a good  idea  to  plan  ahead.  Write  out  your  plan.  I like  to  plan  each  room  and  the  chores  that  I need  to  complete  in  each  room.  That  way,  I won’t  forget  anything  and  it  is  easy  to  delegate…just  in  case  you  are  lucky  enough  to  have  helpers.Stencil

Going Too Slow

It is always good to take your time, but it is equally important not to move too slowly when spring cleaning. If you do not stick to at least a basic schedule, you will soon become disheartened when you see no progress. Keep yourself motivated however possible, so that the changes you make will propel you to do even more.


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Going It Alone

Spring cleaning is not the time to act independently of everyone else. If there is any way you can get a helping hand from someone else, be sure to take it. Motivate all family members to take part, and as  I  said  before, make lists for each person in the household. If you live alone, see if one or more of your friends will swap time with each other to act as a spring cleaning team, taking turns working through each person’s home. Now isn’t that a novel idea. You can even promise pizza and wine afterwards. Turn it into a fun time.

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Over-Complicating Things

Spring cleaning is time-consuming, but it is not rocket science. Copy a few spring cleaning lists off of the internet or better yet, download my checklists, and compile the tasks that apply to you, in order to create your own personalized list. Stick to the basics and work hard, and you won’t get sidetracked by unnecessary details.

Spring Cleaning

Along the same lines, don’t feel you have to buy every fancy, new cleaning scrub, spray, or cleaning contraption to get the job done right. Sometimes it is the tried and true solutions that work the best. Use natural substances such as vinegar and baking soda for your cleaning. Don’t buy new items that are unnecessary, or that are not worth the money for the small amount of effort that they save. Check out the link below for Grove Collaborative. They have an array of all natural cleaning products and are reasonably priced.


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Being Unprepared

There is nothing more irritating than getting into your cleaning clothes, putting on some upbeat music, rolling up your sleeves, and then realizing you do not have the necessary equipment to complete your task. Make a list at the beginning of what tasks you will complete each day, and then figure out what supplies are necessary to complete each one. Visit the store and have everything on hand so that when the time comes, you can get right into cleaning without any delays or distractions because I don’t know about you, but if I ever have to stop and make a trip to the store, I am bound to get distracted and spend more time than I should out and about instead of cleaning.

Spring cleaning is an important time of the year. It’s a good idea to remind yourself why it is so important. A proper spring cleaning will give you a healthier space to live in. Being organized improves your mental health, and gives you clarity you cannot find when you are surrounded by a mess. You will enjoy your summer days much better knowing your home is in order.

Because it is so important, you will want to avoid making unnecessary mistakes such as the ones above. This will allow you to do the job in the most efficient manner possible. Come on, let’s get this done and move into our lazy days of summer without the worry of an unkept home.

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