Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom – Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week #2

Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week –

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 Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom-Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week #2

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This week I am re-inventing something I did when I first began my blogging journey and that is to give you one quick organizing tip each week. The tips will be simple and easy to follow. It may be a tip I pull from a past article or something brand new. That will be a surprise each week. 😉 This week I am sharing Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom.

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The point of this new addition is to give you a reference each week or a simple take away that you can do easily and right away to get organized. Let’s face it. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to read a 1000 word article but we can take a quick, useable, and doable tip and include it into our schedule. If the tip is from a previous article, I will provide the link to the article just in case you would like to read the entire thing. My site is all about giving my readers ways to manage an organized life without being overwhelmed and I thought this concept might be helpful. I would love your feedback on this. Now on to week one’s tip of the week.


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Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week –

Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom

I am usually the last person in our bathroom in the mornings and this routine works well for me. After hubs has shaven, brushed and gone through his morning ritual and I have gone through my morning routine and put on my makeup, I pull out my handy dandy glass cleaner and a paper towel and wipe down first the mirror if there are any splatters-and there usually are. Next, I pull out my Mrs. Meyers All Purpose and quickly spray and wipe down the countertop for any gook or makeup residue, and finally, I spray and wipe down inside the sinks. Finally. I wipe down the toilet with a Clorox wipe and pour a little Clorox into the toilet and leave it sitting all day.

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There you have it. Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom. You will have a fresh smell, and the bathroom surfaces are so fresh and so clean when you return home in the evening. Isn’t that better than facing your makeup drips or toothpaste residue in the sink when you get home from a hard day? I think so. 🙂

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Spend just five to ten minutes a day wiping down your bathroom surfaces and save yourself from coming home to an eyesore in the evening. You also get the added bonus of a fresh clean fragrance and you will have less crud build-up to clean on the weekend. It’s a win-win and so easy to do. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

That’s it. Week two of our Friday Quick Tip.


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Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week –

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9 thoughts on “Daily Tips To A Clean Bathroom – Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week #2

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  3. Allyson says:

    I use disinfecting wipes to do a quick clean in between the deep cleans. Here via your party ~ thanks for hosting and letting me share my links #24 and #25. Have a great week!

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  5. Alice says:

    I”ve never left clorox in the toilet bowl all day but I have poured it in the tank to freshen up the next flush and I do like to pour it down the drains every so often to get rid of unpleasant smells – especially in the kitchen.

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