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Organization Is What I do


I am an organizer and home enthusiast, and I want to help you organize rooms, closets, office space, your pantry, or your busy schedule. Organization is a part of my DNA, no different than my brown eyes or the texture of my hair. I love putting a plan into action and watching it run smoothly. Need a junk drawer to become an organized storage drawer, I can do that. Want your closet color-coordinated or a pantry you can be proud of, I’m your girl. Want that pile of papers on your desk to disappear into a neat and orderly filing system that you can manage; I can do that for you as well. This ability has been the very vein of my existence for a very long time and is what has led me to launch Divinely Organized.

Living an organized life is a way to clear the clutter of not only your space but your mind as well. It’s a way to quiet the clamor and distractions of “stuff”. Organization is a way to make your space a sanctuary. A space to unwind and be productive if you like, or a place to be still and at peace. There is a place for everything and I can find it. Let’s clear the clutter.


The saga continues with my God-given talent or passion if you will. This passion is truly tied to my natural ability which is organization. In other words, once I have organized a room, an office space, a drawer, a closet, or a pantry, I want to make it attractive and I have the knack to reorganize and redesign to make things appealing on a tight budget. There I said it. I operate within tight budget restraints. I have dubbed this my passion because I have always had to live within a budget, but I have also always wanted and created a comfortable and organized home. So for years, I found ways to do that for myself and for my family and friends on shoestring budgets. I found my niche and my love of Redesign evolved. I would love to handle a project for you from inception to completion, which would include budget shopping for you as well. I can be your one-stop shop for organization and redesign/refresh.

I hope you will follow my blog. I will post project updates and I will try to remember the before and after pictures.  🙂

Contact me or email me at if you like a particular idea you see here and we can bring it to life in your space. We can consult virtually and get your project started. Remember, you do not have to have a lot of money to live like you do.

When I AM Organizing, I Am In My Element


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