Divinely Organized

I am an organizer! And I can help you organize rooms, closets, office space, your pantry, or your busy schedule. Organization is a part of my DNA, just like my brown eyes or the texture of my hair. I love putting a plan into action and watching it run smoothly. Be it your office or your home, I can pull it together into one neat and organized package. Need a junk drawer to become an organized storage drawer, I can do that. Want a closet color coordinated or a pantry you can be proud of, I’m your girl. Want that pile of papers on your desk to disappear into a neat and orderly filing system that you can manage; I can do that for you as well. This ability has been the very vein of my existence and enjoyment for most of my life and I have decided, why not share my passion, and Divinely Organized was conceived.

Living an organized life is a way to clear the clutter of not just a space but your mind as well. It’s a way to quiet the clamor and distractions of “stuff”. It’s a way to make your space a sanctuary. A space to unwind and be productive, if you like, or just to be still and at peace. There is a place for everything and I can find it. Let’s clear it up


The saga continues with my God-given talent or passion, if you will. This passion is truly tied to my natural ability which is organization. In other words, once I have organized a room, an office space, a drawer, a closet or a pantry, I want to make it easy on the eyes and I have found that I have the uncanny knack to reorganize, and redesign to make things pretty on a tight budget. There I said it. I operate within tight budget restraints. I call this my passion because I have always had to live within a budget, but I have also always wanted and created a comfortable and pretty home. So for years, I have found ways to do that for myself and for my family and friends on a shoestring budget. Thusly, I found my niche and my love of Redesign evolved.

It is not brain surgery but it is an achievement. I can organize your space and make it pretty on a small budget. It is doable and I can show you how. Everything from redesigning a piece of furniture instead of buying new, to shopping for the finer things in discount stores and bringing it all together to create a “feel good” space.

Visit often to read my blog and to see photos of before and after projects. Also, contact me if you like a particular idea you see here and we can bring it to life in your space with an online consultation or an in-home visit. I can help you even if you live in a different area. If that is the case, I will help you every step of the way via pictures, email, and skype. We can get it done. Remember, you do not have to have a lot of money to live like you do.

All Things Are Possible

– See more at: https://clearissacoward.com/divinely-organized/#sthash.3Jds1oLC.dpuf

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