The Gazebo Disaster…That was Then, This is Now

From the Desk of  Clearissa’s Command Center/Organize/Redesign ~ The Gazebo Disaster

Here in NC we normally have mild winters and hot humid, and yes sometimes miserable summers. However this past winter was a bit different for us. We had some sort of precipitation at least 4 or 5 times this past winter. One such storm resulted in this destruction. You see this used to be a very pretty gazebo area on our deck. But the ice and heavy snow took care of that for us. When the ice began falling early in the day, (we are more subject to get ice or sleet than snow here) I just knew my hubby would get home in time to take the top off of the gazebo before it became too heavy. I was wrong. The sleet had traffic slowed down to an almost standstill and it took him  3.5 hours to get home as opposed to the normal 25 minutes. You can image he was not a happy camper. I reminded him of the gazebo and he said he would get it in 20 minutes. He simply needed a break after fighting the traffic on hwy 40 for several hours. However we woke up the next morning (yes we, I fell asleep as well) to this un-recognizable mess that used to be our gazebo. Apparently, the weight of the ice and then the snow that fell afterwards was just too much for our little summer oasis.

Well we were sad for a bit and then we just decided to let it go.  When spring rolled around however, we were on the hunt for a new Gazebo. We were lucky to find a new, improved and better model than our previous one and it was even a little larger. Hurray for Big Lots! Our first was a 10 x 10 and the new one a 13 x 15. Of course the difficult part was putting it together, and bolting the legs to the deck floor for security. We do not want the wind blowing it over or blowing it into one of our windows so we bolt it for safety. And the metal plates and the bolts make it very secure.

We are very pleased with the way it turned out. We have enjoyed it immensely this summer. And may I add that everything featured in the table scape is from the dollar store. Mats, plates, chargers, glasses, even the orange bucket, ribbon and flowers were all from the dollar store. Not a bad deal…right? I think it looks pretty nice. I did splurge a little on the yellow pillows but it wasn’t my fault. The Pottery opened a new store just 5 minutes from my house. What’s a girl to do? 🙂

Hint: To keep glasses from blowing over or even getting knocked over easily, I add colored marbles to the bottom of each glass. It makes them a bit sturdier and the colored marbles/rocks also add a little bit of a hue to the glasses. It’s really pretty when the sun hits them. And you can find them at the dollar store as well.

See ya next time and thanks for stopping by.

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