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Dresser Drawer/Folded Clothing Storage Project 2018

Finally, I have completed my first major organization project of 2018.  I have purged, cleaned and organized every Dresser Drawer, storage trunk and kitchen drawer in our home. It was a larger undertaking than I expected but it was necessary and it is done! Hallelujah!!

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I began in the space that first launched this project…sock drawer(s).  My love of socks is a running joke between hubs and me. He says I have a sock fetish and perhaps I do because once I took a real good look at the three, count em, three drawers full of socks, I knew something had to be done. Who has three dresser drawers over-flowing with socks? Do you? If so, we need an intervention. Perhaps we can go together. 🙂

Sock Drawer Project

Above is an example of what two of the three sock drawers looked like before. Actually, I had no idea what I had, how many I had, or the types of socks I had. The drawers could hardly close and new socks were simply piled on top of older ones and I even found new ones on the bottom of the drawer. It was a complete mess!


When I was done with the purge and organization of the sock drawers, I moved on to my lingerie drawers and they were a mess as well. A holy mess!!

Desk Drawer Project

This is what was purged from my lingerie drawers. I didn’t feel comfortable showing you the before of my lingerie drawers so I thought I would show you what was purged and tell you that when I was done, I had two empty drawers in my lingerie chest.  And I think that the way things are folded and organized, it may be okay to share the after with you. I am still tossing that idea around, but do know I am extremely happy with the results.

Dresser Drawer Project

As I said before I at least touched every drawer or space with folded clothing and other household utensil storage in the house. From the bedroom to the kitchen and every room in between. What a good feeling. Now I am on to my closets. That’s the next big project! Care to join me?

A couple of the completed drawers below.

Dresser Drawer Project


Dresser Drawer Project

Dresser Drawer Project

See the other finished pictures & video on my YouTube channel

Below, you will find other photos of finished spaces, but to see the actual process,  enjoy the fun, and perhaps get motivated, visit my Youtube channel.

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