The Fall Switcheroo – Round 2

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The Fall Switcheroo – Round 2

This is an article upcycle. I have to have a minor medical procedure this week and haven’t posted as usual but I did not want to leave you guys hanging this week. I will hopefully be back strong as usual next week. So on to our Fall Switcheroo. 

It’s almost time to come inside and settle in for the upcoming cool/cold/frigid months ahead. If you are like me, you are enjoying the last few days of flip flops, sundresses and cropped pants. But we all know it will be over soon and actually this summer has been so miserable here in NC, until I can hardly wait. Let’s get organized for the Fall Switcheroo. 

With that said, I am making my list of organization, repairs, and up-cycling projects for the cozy days of fall and winter.  I always have a DIY project or two going on but I don’t seem to organize or repair or up-cycle as much during the lazy days of summer as I do during the colder winter months. It’s because I’m busy with my garden and outdoor activities or just being lazy when the weather is nice, but now it’s time to focus. I have already done some of the things on my list but I think it’s a good starter list for the fall.

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  • First on “my” list is to replace exhaust fans in 2 of the bathrooms. You may already be aware that exhaust fans can be pretty now and some even have lights as well. I was unaware, but I found them while at Lowes awhile back and I am so excited (it doesn’t take much to make me happy :)). My fans work, but they do not have lights, are kinda dingy and well, to be honest, I want to try the new, well new to me, gadgets. Note: I have replaced and I am very pleased with the upgrade. You will be too.
Fall Switcheroo
  • I do not have to do this because we had new carpeting installed in the bedrooms over a year ago and the rest is hardwood, but if you have carpet, now is the time to have your carpets cleaned. The kids are back in school, things around the house are settling down and the holidays will soon be upon us. There is probably a lot less in and out traffic as the weather changes as well, which means timing is perfect. You could clean your carpets at your leisure if you had your own carpet cleaner. Just an idea. Because our carpet is fairly new and only in three rooms, we invested in the Bizzell Spotbot. It’s great for little accidents when the grandkids visit or if the furbaby has a not so good day.
Fall Switcheroo


  • Fall Switcheroo

    It’s time to seal and caulk anything that requires it. I am ahead of the game here because we had our windows replaced last summer (the best big investment we have made to the home). The house is over 30 years old and still had the original windows and we almost froze the last couple of winters. And there is truly a difference in the utility bill since the window replacement. But if you are not replacing and you have a few drafts, it’s time to caulk and seal. This is not just for windows; don’t forget your storm and main doors too.  We all want to save money on our utility bills and be warm and toasty. A lot of the home improvement stores are having great sales on storm doors as well. I know because we are in the market and have been checking prices. If you are too, now is a great time to look around and compare prices.

  • Fall Switcheroo
  • It will soon be time to trim and prune all of those beautiful rose bushes and other summer plants. My cucumber plants are spent. I think it was the hot summer but they are no more. We weren’t as diligent as we should have been about watering this year either so it partly our fault. The heat was horrible. Our tomato plants are almost done producing as well and can be used for compost in the woods near our home. Finally, our pepper plants and mint are still doing well and will probably take us through the fall. The roses are still full of blooms, but they are beginning to thin and will need pruning within the next three or four weeks. *sigh* I will miss them. You can see from the photo that the mulch is dry and things just do not look as lush as other summer seasons. When I say we have had a brutal summer, I am serious. Everything needs a good trim. 🙂 But for now, they are still full of color. I will make sure to bed them down well for the upcoming fall and winter season and maybe next summer will be better.

Fall Switcheroo

  • It is also time to plant and mulch your fall foliage and flower beds. I usually replace my Lantana pots with Pansies. I just love the yellows. And once everything is trimmed and mulched by the end of October the leaves will fall and have to be blown weekly that’s the reason I like to get all of the other outdoor chores out of the way. The leaves drive me crazy and we get a lot of them.
  • We’ve taken care of the front of the house but I haven’t mentioned the deck and gazebo. Well because we haven’t enjoyed the deck as much this summer (because of the heat again) I think I will leave it up a little longer and enjoy it for a few extra weeks this fall. Perhaps I’ll do a fall refresh this year. Hummmm, I don’t usually do that to the deck. I generally shut the outdoors down and focus on the inside by the first couple of weeks in October but maybe I’ll do something different this year. What do you think?
  • Finally, for this post anyway, I do not want to make it too long, back inside – let’s switch out the light-weight throws and summer fabrics and pillows for the heavier ones. My yellows will be switched out with golds and browns and perhaps a burgundy here and there and then we live with the cozy colors and fragrances for the upcoming season. I love fall…don’t you?

As the season changes, let’s embrace it because although we may prefer one season over another, change is good. Change provides the opportunity to begin anew and what better place to do something new than our own personal nests? Enjoy your fall switcheroo!

Fall Switcheroo

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6 thoughts on “The Fall Switcheroo – Round 2

  1. Debbie-Dabble says:

    Great article!! We too have no spent as much time outside this season because of record breaking heat and humidity. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a kind comment!!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Debbie-Dabble. Thank you for reading along. I hope you will stop by again soon and I know I will be visiting you very regularly. Here’s to cooler temperatures real soon.

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Bruna. Thank you for reading along. I am so looking forward to fall and all of the smells, food and decorations. I hope you enjoy your fall prep as well. Thanks for stopping by and please stop by again soon.

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