Weekly Organization Tip 4 – How to Begin the Organization Process

Weekly Organization Tip 4 – How to Begin the Organization Process – Begin at the Beginning

Spring is on the horizon and what better time to freshen up and organize your home. Whether you choose a room, closet or the outside landscape, you have to begin somewhere. I posted this way back when my blog first began and someone asked me to post it again because she is in the planning stage of organizing her guest bedroom. And because she doesn’t want to be disorganized in her organization, she requested a detailed description so she will understand how to begin the organization process. Good thinking on her part. I am also standing by to assist her where needed. I hope it helps you begin the process as well and reminds you that it all begins with a feeling and then the first step.

How to Begin the Organization Process – If disorganization is affecting your life and making you feel frustrated and disjointed, it’s time to do something about it. Many believe that a disorganized life is only aesthetic; but that is so not the case! Disorganization is an emotional issue as well and living in a disorganized space can affect creativity, sleep patterns, and much more. Therefore, before you can organize your junk drawer, kitchen, closet, office, or kid’s toy box, you will need to do the work to organize yourself emotionally. How you might ask? Well first by clarifying your priorities and truly defining how your disorganization is affecting other aspects of your life. In other words, think it through and truly know the reason you are beginning the organizational project. It could be because you need a more effective work space or you can’t see what you have in your pantry or because you have simply reached a place in life where you feel organization is necessary for you to be more creative or productive.  It is extremely important to develop a process to ensure everything in your space has a place and is kept in that place. wikihow.com/Be-Organized states, Organization takes time, but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier and I totally agree.

The secret to becoming and remaining organized is to find a system that works for you. If you are a visual person, you would be bothered if your current/active project files were neatly put away and out of sight. If you are a visual person, all of your spices cannot be placed at the back of a cabinet. If you were to organize your space like a non-visual thinker, it would not last and although your space would look organized from the outside, it would make your life even more chaotic emotionally. Therefore; once you realize the type of thinker you are, putting your style into an action plan will fall into place. For example, a visual thinker would need current project files organized outside of a filing cabinet, while a non-visual thinker would be just fine with a filing system where everything is housed inside a cabinet or desk drawer. The clean desk policy works well for a non-visual but would absolutely drive a visual thinker to the brink of disaster. Do know this…there are no wrong or right thinkers. What matters and what will be the deciding factor as to whether or not the system works for you is choosing the system that is best for your personality style.

The first and most painful step you will need to take before you begin the actual organization process is the dreaded “purge”. Yes it is inevitable that you will need to go through your things and place them into several categories, i.e. keep, donate, trash, gift. Organization without a purge is not organization at all. You will simply move a lot of stuff from one place to another and that is unacceptable. Purging may be a difficult process, but your spirit will be lifted once it is over and you begin the actual process of organization. And if you need an added bonus, think of how great you will feel when the things you no longer use are given to someone who can put them to good use. What a great way to be a blessing and be blessed.

Organization is so much fun. Well at least it is for me.  Think of it this way, you get to redesign a space in your house to make it functional and pretty as well. What could be better? When the process is over, you will have a new space and you do not have to move to get it. :) It is refreshing. It is liberating. And organizing one small area usually leads to another space and then another. One might say organization is contagious! I say it all the time.

Organization is not only about tangible space. It also encompasses tools, such as calendars-electronic and physical, bulletin boards, filing systems, lists, time management tools, developing the ability to ask for help when needed. In the end you will develop a different mindset. There is so much help out there; this process can be less painful than you think. The hard part is getting started.

My suggestions for beginning the process:

  • If you are feeling intimidated, start small. Choose a small area and once you are successful with a small area, you can move on to a larger one. Do not feel obligated to complete a large area on your first time out.
  • Choose a patient organizer. Make sure you and the organizer you choose “get each other”. If you and your organizer are on the same page the process will move along much smoother.
  • Trust your organizer. You may not agree with the process, especially the purging, but stick with it. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Be engaged in the process. Make sure this is something you are really ready to do and move into it with an open mind.
  • Invest your time and heart into the process. The more you invest, the more likely you are to maintain the space.
  • Leave the final touches to your organizer/redesigner. Leave before the area is complete. I find clients are truly happy with the surprise of walking into a finished space. Allow yourself the pleasure and joy of seeing your organized and redesigned space for the “first” time. It is an awesome experience.

Finally, organization is your friend. It may begin slow & painful. You may feel overwhelmed at first, but the end result will change your life for the better…forever.

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