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We are in luck this week. Patricia Leitao, a fellow blogger and featured writer for homeyou has agreed to share an article with Command Center followers. I don’t know about many of you, but I have lived in a different country and it was quite an adjustment. Truth be told, moving to a new state can be an adjustment as well. In this article, Patricia is providing tips for making the transition less painful and easier to maneuver

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Article written by Patricia Leitao, also writer for http://www.homeyou.com

No matter your age or where you live, there comes a certain point in your life when you have to move on. That also means moving out. Out of your parent’s house, out of your hometown, your college dorm, a house that you’re already used to, your country, your comfort zone. Life works in unusual ways and we end up finding ourselves moving and going to unclear paths.

With that, comes also an amazing opportunity to discover new things about yourself, and learn from new places, people, and experiences. So if you’re a couple on an exciting travelling adventure, a student going to their first place alone, or whatever the next step you’re taking in life, here are some ideas to stay in touch with your origins and how to take a little piece of home wherever you go.

A piece of your heritage:

When moving to a different country or a far away state, usually the culture changes a lot and the lifestyle. Create a photo album or a regional keychain, anything special for you. It’s good to keep a little piece of your roots so if you feel homesick, you have something to hold on to and remember who you are and where you came from, so you can focus on where you want to go.


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Keeping touch with home:


We all know how hard it is to be away, even more when life is so busy and you miss your family. Keeping in touch with them by social media is fantastic, but having something more concrete can work wonders in feeling closer. Maybe a care package from your parents while you’re in college will help at your most stressful times, or and emergency box from your best friend for when you feel a little bit sad. These things can give you strength again when you were maybe on the edge of turning back and giving up. Remember why you’re here now and think of all the amazing things you already found and how much more you have to discover.

Preserving childhood memories:

Time goes too fast, so why not immortalize a moment more than in your memory? This one is for the parents wanting to keep childhood memories alive and carry them everywhere, or your own childhood toy. It’s perfect for the family which has to move and isn’t able to take a lot of knick knacks. Keep it simple, after all, what matters the most is what you live, not the huge boxes you want to carry.


Memories from places:

A way to keep small details of trips and places you loved. They’re a part of who you are. It’s a way to stay positive and recognize that every trip, every house, every step are landmarks you should cherish and be proud of.

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Your talisman from home:

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Something small like a pendant with a handwritten message can make you strong and determined. If you’re moving far away, take at least one piece of home decor. Craft a hand painting so any house you go, there’s always the reminder of what really matters. (Plus, it fits easily in a suitcase).

Feeling at home is possible anywhere you go, make your surroundings special by decorating the way you feel like, carry your favorite amulets and realize that a moving process it’s an adventure and a beautiful journey. Enjoy every moment, every place and remember that home is wherever your heart is.

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Preserving childhood memories:




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