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Five Necessities For An Organized Kitchen

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We are always talking about easy organization gadgets and the never-ending suggestions to buy this and you gotta have that to be organized. Let’s face it, if we purchased every new and improved organization gadget we would be constantly spending and changing. I realize you can become inundated with suggestions for organizations but I want to break it down to just a few simple and inexpensive must-haves that you will need for each room in your home to get and remain organized. I have done the legwork for you and pulled together the items I think will help you get started toward an organized kitchen. And I have only chosen gadgets that are easy on your budget.

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Organize Your Kitchen for Less:

The following 5 items are must-haves for an organized kitchen space.

  1. The most important and necessary item you will need to get organized in any room in your home is a labeler. A labeler is necessary for so many organization projects. I cannot say this enough if you are getting organized you MUST have a labeler. I only used capital letters to emphasize the importance of investing in a labeler and they really are not that expensive. Prices range from $19.99 – $80.00. You can purchase the one I have here. I have included a picture well.



  1. Secondly, you cannot consider a kitchen organization without jars and lots of them. Mason jars, glass jars with flip lids, and in some cases you can even repurpose old jars.  There are all sorts to choose from and you can have beautifully organized cabinets and an organized pantry by getting rid of all the boxes and storing your dry good in pretty jars. It will help you know what you need to shop for as well because you can see through the jars and you will know when you are running low on certain items.



  1. To keep items corralled and like items together you will need to purchase bins and baskets and lots of them in all sizes. You can pick these up from several places. I like the Dollar Store or you can find several sizes and styles here. Bins come in all sizes and can be used in the pantry or kitchen cabinets and once labeled is a great source of organization for any space but especially the kitchen.avon

4.  You will need to purchase drawer organizers. And they are not just good for your utensils and cutlery but are also great for organizing your catchall or junk drawer as well. Be sure to remember that just because you have empty space, you do not need to fill it. As a matter of fact, I  would suggest leaving at least 10% of each drawer empty. You can choose from several styles and different material and sized drawer organizers. And don’t forget to repurpose items as well. A cutlery tray is a wonderful organizer for your junk drawer. Remember to think outside of the box.


  1. You can never have too many hooks. Over the door hooks, command hooks, hooks, and more hooks. You can use hooks to hold dishtowels inside the cabinet door and colanders and other oddly shaped items.


That’s five of the most important necessities for organizing a kitchen. Of course, these items are not all you can use for organization, but they are the items you can easily pick up and they are relatively inexpensive. The rest of the process is purging and cleaning. If you are a gadget person you may want to add all of the bells and whistles, and there are many, but if you simply want to get started and to organize on a budget, the items listed above is a great place to begin. I hope these 5 necessities for an organized kitchen will help you.  Can you think of any other reasonably priced items you deem necessary for organizing a kitchen? If so, share them in the comments section.

One more thing. I realize I said there would be five necessary items but there is also a quick tip. And the tip is that you “must” keep your kitchen tidy/clean once it is organized. It will not matter how many great organization tools you purchase, your kitchen or any other room in your home will not appear organized if it is not clean. As you organize, be sure to clean and to main the cleanliness which will help you maintain the organization.


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Below are some pictures to show you how these items can make your kitchen the organized kitchen you deserve. If you click on the photo it will take you to the talented organizers who are responsible for these organized spaces.

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