How To Form Faithful Habits This Summer


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How To Form Faithful Habits This Summer


It is hard to believe that we are already at the tail end of summer. The store shelves are filled with back-to-school supplies and before we know it we will be watching the leaves change color to bring in the fall season. With the kids heading back to school shortly, now is the perfect time to get the kids, as well as ourselves, into habits that keep us Faithful as we transition to a new season. I am convinced that children with a faith-based foundation are more equipped to handle the harshness of today’s world outside of the safety of home than those children who are not grounded in a family who do not make faith a priority.

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Daily Devotionals

Starting the day off with the word of God is a great habit to form because far too often we only remember to turn to the Bible at church or in challenging times. By beginning each day with even just a little time in scripture, you can take wisdom away that will guide you through the day’s hurdles. Teaching your children to trust in the word of God and get in the habit of looking to the Bible for guidance is a great way to give them a strong moral compass and inspire them to be a good witness to their peers. There are great devotional books and online devotionals, and even some of the best daily devotional apps available for download to your smartphones, which is a much more beneficial way to wake in the morning than mindlessly scrolling through social media. Getting in this habit during the summer will give kids and adults alike morning wisdom before they start their school day or workday. I wake up saying


‘Thank You” but children have to be led down this path. Make it a game.  Every morning as you and your children enjoy the last days of summer, take five minutes and read a child-based devotional together and then play a trivia game to see what they remember. A small reward is also acceptable. Nothing extravagant. Just something to help them get into the habit of paying attention during the devotional time and once school begins, it will be a habit and easily fit into your morning routine.


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Family Time

Once school starts back up, the time that a family spends together seems to get shorter and shorter. It seems as everyone is rushing to get ready in the morning and convenient dinner options often lessen the frequency of nice family meal time. Try to get in the habit of setting a certain day a week to watch a movie together as a family and discuss what lessons can be learned from the stories and the character’s decisions. It is a great and enriching experience that you can try to continue during the school year to break up the day-to-day business. Family bible study or revisiting topics from Sunday church later in the week is a great habit to get in so that the inspiring takeaways from the lessons at church aren’t lost once you get back into the swing of the week.


Volunteering Time as a Family

A good habit to get into during the summer is looking at your Church’s community and events calendar! You can look for activities that your family can volunteer at while you have free time. This will not only help the church with their ministry and goals but when the holiday season comes up and the church is juggling a lot of charitable events that they might need help with, you and your family will already be in the habit of helping out where you can,  Your children will also learn the continued importance of helping others and show the value that even one individual can provide to help achieve a goal. What a wonderful way to spend time with your children and what a great way for your children to spend time as well. Instead of playing video games or scrolling through their feeds online, they will learn to socialize in a positive way while connecting with like-minded children to do something positive. It is amazing to watch their creative juices flow while working on a missions project.


Nighttime Habits

Because the fall tends to bring busier days and more of an opportunity to get caught up with day to day minutiae, it is important that you make the most out of your evenings to continue helpful and faithful habits that you can start getting into right now. In addition to dedicating time to family activities and Bible study throughout the week, start the tradition of having a different family member say grace before dinner. Just as starting the day with an inspiring devotional is important, ending the day with a nightly prayer with your children as you put them to bed, and nightly prayers for yourself to thank God for the days blessings and strength for the days ahead is important for keeping the faith with whatever life throws your way is important. Beginning and ending your day with a conversation with God is the only way to guarantee your day will not have too many obstacles for you to bear. I am not saying there won’t be issues and/or disappointments, but you will be prepared to deal with them and so will your children.


What are some habits of your own that you and your family have started this Summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!




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12 thoughts on “How To Form Faithful Habits This Summer

  1. Sonja Anderson says:

    This is lovely! It is a GREAT idea to focus on these habits before the school year starts up again! I really love the encouragement to volunteer with our kids. That is a great experience every family will be blessed by, yet we can be so busy that we miss out. Sharing!

  2. Lisa says:

    I enjoyed reading this! It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy life and all those around you – not just habits for the summer!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Great Post. I am a young mum(hello from the UK) and I have a 1 and 2 year old so I am definietly going to implement the bible readinf tip with the morning trivia. I think they are too young to fully understand but I need to start for my own benefit. Thank you for this great post. Spending time with the Lord is essential

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Vanessa in the UK. I love the internet because I get to talk with and befriend people from all over the world. Welcome to my site. But with that said, I agree. Your children are never too young to begin good habits. My grandmother and my aunt took her grandchildren/nieces & nephews to church all our lives. Even when some of our parents didn’t they did. And the foundation was built. Thank you for stopping in and for commenting.

  5. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Theresa. Thank you and good for you. At bedtime is a great time because it helps to clear the mind and relax. I also like to wake up with prayer and devotion because it gets my day started on a good note.

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