Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week 1-The Key To An Organized Bedroom


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Friday’s Quick Tip Of The Week – The Key To An Organized Bedroom

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This week I am re-inventing something I did when I first began my blogging journey and that is to give you one quick organizing tip each week. The tips will be simple and easy to follow. It may be a tip I pull from a past article or something brand new. That will be a surprise each week. 😉

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The point of this new addition is to give you a reference each week or a simple take away that you can do easily and right away to get organized. Let’s face it. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to read a 1000 word article but we can take a quick, useable and doable tip and include it into our schedule. If the tip is from a previous article, I will provide the link to the article just in case you would like to read the entire thing. My site is all about giving my readers ways to manage an organized life without being overwhelmed and I thought this concept might be helpful. I would love your feedback on this. Now on to week one’s tip of the week.


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Maintaining an organized bedroom. 

Tip: Hang Up Your Clothes:

I realize this sounds elementary, but if it were clothes would not be strewn all over the place. 🙂

The key is to make it convenient to put clothes away. Label and place a basket for regular laundry and a basket for clothes that will go to the cleaners in or near your closet (I prefer inside the closet if there is space). With the baskets in place, when you undress in or near the closet, you can toss clothes to be laundered at home in the laundry basket and items that will go to the professional cleaners in the appropriate basket as you take them off. That’s easier than throwing them on the floor or over a chair or on that treadmill that you are no longer using and having to pick them allll up at one time at some point.  🙂

Make sure you have empty hangers available in the front of your closet. Having the hangers conveniently located will make it easier to hang those items that will go back into the closet after you wear them.

That’s it. Week one of our Friday Quick Organizing Tip.

There you have it. Spend just five minutes a day hanging up your clothing and save at least an hour or more on the weekend picking up and separating a room full of clothing thrown about.avon

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!




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