How To Get Organized And Live A Clutter-Free Life



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How To Get Organized And Live A Clutter-Free Life


I had the opportunity to be interviewed last week by the enthusiastic  Erica Matthew, The Jazzy Entrepreneurs Podcast Show. Erica is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping ambitious people discover their purpose, start online businesses, and build brands that allow them to create the life & freedom they choose through Entrepreneurship. Erica is a genius at inspiring others to take action towards turning their ideas, knowledge, and expertise into income…Passion To Profits

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to the PodCast interview. Erica and I had a great time and I think you will pick up some great organization tips that will make your life easier as well. Erica went in and asked the good questions and I answered them. Roll tape and listen to the PodCast here. 🙂

The show began…Click here to listen 

This week on Jazzy Entrepreneur Podcast Show, I had the pleasure to interview Clearissa Coward -Lifestyle Blogger and founder of Divinely Organized and Virtual Business Solutions. She’s a Personal Organization Consultant with a flair for design on a dime. Visit her website at

Show Notes.

On the show we discussed…

The topic of today’s show:  Organization: How To Get Organized & Live A Clutter-Free Life

Clearissa Coward shared tips in the areas of:

  • How To Get Started With An Organization Project
  • How Someone With Very Little Time Can Maintain A Well Organized Home/Office Space
  • Time Management Tips For Busy Moms
  • The Inside Secrets Of An Organization Expert

A few tools that can help you stay organized:

  • Determine your organization style and create customized systems.

Connect With Clearissa Coward:


Learn tips on how you can live an organized life and tips to organization – With Just 10 Minutes A Day!

Organized Kitchen

Click here to listen to the Podcast

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