Getting Off on the Right Foot – A New School Year

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Getting Off on the Right Foot – “A New School Year” (click to tweet)

The first bell has rung and the routine has begun. It’s a new school year and we need to get the children organized and off to a good start.

There will be lots of paperwork, school supplies, new clothes, etc., coming into the house and we need a system in place to get and remain organized for the upcoming school year. Let’s start in the most obvious place, the closets.


You’ve taken the children shopping for new school clothes but before adding them to the closet, you should get the closet organized.

  • remove everything from the closet.
  • you and your child can make a fun day out of trying on all of the clothes from the last school year.
  • clothing that fits or can be mixed and matched with the new clothing should go back into the closet.
  • if you have the stamina and the time, you can organized like items together and color code them. This is especially attractive if the hangers match as well.
  • clothes that are still useable can either be passed down to a younger sibling or donated.
  • non-useable items can be tossed.
  • if you use a dresser, this is a great time to organize the sock and underwear drawers.
  • move on to the outerwear storage and try on coats. Make sure the ones you are keeping have been laundered and all buttons or zippers are intact and working. This is also a good time to check and repair pockets with holes or tears.
  • hats and gloves can be checked and either replaced or laundered as well.
  • most children are really rough on shoes and will now wear the same ones for two seasons. So either donate or dispose of the old shoes and replace with the new pairs you purchased for the new school year.

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