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Here is an exerpt from my latest article with Moms Magazine.

When I walked into the house and looked into his eyes I knew something was not quite right. His eyes were not the shiny happy eyes that usually greet me. There was no excited yell of MiMi and the accompanying hug.  Also unusual, when I entered the room, he remained snuggled up with my husband and even the sight of his favorite Kid’s meal did not entice him. Something was off.

Hubby had picked him up from daycare because my daughter had an after school function and it was not long before he dropped the bomb.  Avery  was not allowed to go back to daycare the next day because he had a fever of 101.2. Not quite high enough to run to emergency, but high enough for the daycare not to want to take chances with the other children’s health. I totally agreed with their precautions but we now had a scheduling dilemma. Read the article in its entirety here.

He Can Make My World Stop


Read more at http://momsmagazine.com/2015/02/09/can-make-heart-sing/ where Clearissa Coward is a lifestyle blogger with an emphasis on organization and redesign. However, there are times when she delves into love, feelings, family, fantasy and the reality of life. Join her on her journey to better understand the intricacies of life.

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