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Some bloggers, me included, always have a project or projects going on. Well, I think, other than a complete remodel, I have basically completed my pantry project.  Well unless I decide to change the paint color :).  I have been fiddling with this small pantry for months. You can read the reorganization of that pantry here

Although I thought the pantry was okay. There was something missing for me. I was still pleased with the investment for all of the glass containers. The baskets were not an investment at all, as they were already in the house. I did not mind the three drawer storage containers at the bottom and I was okay with the shelves and racks on the door. But for some reason, I was still not completely happy with the look and feel of my pantry *sigh*.

I was in a store recently and I found these tap/puck lights. The lights were packaged for under $4.00 and I had a light bulb moment…no pun intended.  🙂 What was missing in my small and functional pantry was lighting.Tap Light PM

I do not have the budget to get an electrician in to actually install fixed lighting so the puck lights were an absolute great fix…for now. The lights are battery operated but I think that no more than the lights will be turned on, we will be okay.

I added six lights to this space. One on each side of the shelves in three places and oh what a difference it makes.  I wish my photos did the space justice with the added lighting. Suffice it to say, there is a noticeable difference. For now, I think the lighting will pacify me. The lights really showcase the added paper added to the back of the pantry and they make my glass containers glitter. I realize I haven’t added any more space, but when the lights are on, it feels a bit more spacious. I think I like the lights. Do you?

Side Note: I used washi tape as caps for the end of the shelves to make them look finished. It is a small touch but I like finishing touches.  I think details make a space.

Picture 13 w light PM

As the first line of this post says, some bloggers, me included, always have a project or projects going. I am so glad to have you guys to share my ever changing project journey with me. So I will not feel bad if I decide to paint the pantry a lighter color and share that with you as well. Please just bare with me. I think my entire house is forever in a perpetual state of change. Not disarray, that would drive me nuts, but change as in I am always looking for ways to improve the way we live and to make things better. Better on a budget.

Picture 6 w light PM                  Picture 10 w light PM           Picture 12 w light PM





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