Holiday Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

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Holiday Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

DT Wreath

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Crafting Can Be Budget Friendly And Beautiful

DT Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths are a great way to add Christmas to a door, window both inside and inside. But we know wreaths can be very expensive. Well, they do not have to be. I have made a very inexpensive but hopefully modern farmhouse wreath with all Dollar Tree items (except the ribbon, I had that in-house already). I hope it is something you will like and perhaps add to your holiday décor.

DT Holiday Wreath

What You Will Need From The Dollar Tree:

DT Christmas Wreath

Ribbon (I had mine in-house, but Dollar Tree has great ribbon as well)

Dollar Tree Wreath (I used the wintry one that has the snow like tips)

Glue gun

Glue Sticks

Dollar Tree small tree decorations (balls)

Dollar Tree tree ornaments (I used snowflakes)

Dollar Tree floral picks

Large crystal-like baubles (Optional)

What To Do:

Hot glue your ribbon of choice to the wreath

I glued the ribbon in loops (you can get the entire tutorial on my YouTube channel)

DT Holiday Wreaths

I glued the loops completely around the wreath to the center of the of the top. And below is how it turned out. I also added Christmas balls to the bottom center perpendicular to the bows up top. Before hot gluing the Christmas balls onto the wreath, I added a string to them to hold them together. Once I had them strung, I hot glued them to the wreath.

After the Christmas tree ornaments balls (I chose to use mixed metals, but of course, you can make this your own) I hot glued on two snowflake ornaments. Remember placement is your choice and although I placed mine on either side evenly, I would now suggest placing them at an angle for more interest.

I created this as I made it and like everything else, if you do something more than once, you get better at it. After seeing it all done, of course, I see things I would/could do differently, but everyone has to make it their own.

After adding the Christmas ornaments, I added the crystal-like baubles between the loops of the ribbon. This is absolutely optional, but it does add a bit of glam to the modern farmhouse.

DT Wreath


Finally, hot glued the floral pics to the bottom center. I added two of the white berries and one of the pine cones for the finishing touch. Viola’ a $3.00 wreath that captures the look of a modern farmhouse Christmas. With a little bling. 😊

If you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial, please visit my YouTube channel where I take you along from beginning to end.

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Never miss another article, tip, real-life experience or project.  Get them delivered directly to your email. Subscribe today! And let’s stay connected.

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