Home Decor-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #5

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 Home Decor-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #5

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Spring Decor

At my house, it’s time to shed the winter decor and freshen up spreading a bit of spring around. So out came the totes, three of them, and the pillows, lots of them, for spring. While going through the totes, I realized I had spring decor in them that I was not using this year and some pieces I had not used last year either. Same thing with the two bags of pillows. Once we pulled them out, I decided to put more than half of them back. Which brings us to  Home Decor-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #5.

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And then I had an epiphany…Why are you keeping decor items you haven’t used for at least a year and some for several years? That is how I got to these quick tips. I noticed that I was holding onto decor that is just hanging around when it could be a blessing to someone else.


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Who knows why the pieces no longer appeal to me. My style has changed over the years, I no longer feel the need to fill every nook and cranny with decor (I am now okay with an empty space here and there 🙂 ), the items are outdated and/or need more love and care than I am willing or have time to invest in bringing them back to life this time. Besides, isn’t it better to give/donate than to receive?

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Here’s the thing, I haven’t donated the pillows yet because I am not done with the entire spring house and because I’m a bit of a pillow hoarder…do not judge me, we all have our issues…right? 🙂 Besides, I have to keep the pillows for a simple way to add color here and there as I need it. Pillows are so very versatile and have I mentioned they are also my weakness. But I am going to push myself to donate a few pillows this year. 😉 You can hold me accountable.

The goal here; however, is to pair down the massive amount of spring/summer/Easter decor. So let me share my tips for pairing down seasonal decor.

Spring Decor

  1. If you haven’t found a place to use the piece last season or beyond, why not bless someone else with it?
  2. If the piece no longer suits your decor style, why not bless someone else with it? No need to let it sit in the tote for another couple of years, or longer.
  3. If you still like (not love) the piece but the loud orange color is just not you anymore, why not paint it or donate it?
  4. If the piece was a gift that you never liked, why not donate it?
  • If you look around your home and you feel really blessed to have all that you have and the space is perfectly decorated without the extra pieces, why hold onto pieces that you no longer need? Why not bless someone else with them?
  • Here’s an idea, why not swap out decor with a friend or family member? If you and a friend or family swap decor, you can always swap back at a later date and both of you will get a change without spending any money. Make sure both of you understand that it is a swap only and that you would like everything back at some point. It might even be a good idea to agree on a return date. If you and your friend or family can agree on the details, you will never be furniture bored again.

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11 thoughts on “Home Decor-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #5

  1. Amy Johnson says:

    Such great tips! I’ve been decluttering my home the past few years. I prefer more open space with less knick knacks for a clean, more minimalist feel.

  2. Carol says:

    I sometimes rotate and don’t use something every season especially at Christmas. I have to know I won’t use it again or I’m tired of it, but that happens and I give it away. I try to buy or make pillow covers too. That way I can fold the cover and keep a nice supply. I agree with you that pillows bring a pop of color that is fabulous in the right place.They are the easiest change in the world but I don’t have room for a ton of pillows. Each season I go through the collection from last year and inevitably prune it back as I add new stuff. Good post!

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    I have started using pillow covers too Carol. Just running out of space for pillow storage. And I, like you, make sure I am no longer going to use something again before I donate it. It’s a process but I just do not keep things I no longer keep stuff just because. Sometimes our style changes and we are no longer interested in a particular item. That’s when I donate or toss an item. We are on the same page friend.

  4. Allyson says:

    I try to makeover something I might not want to use anymore. If I can’t come up with a new idea for the item, I donate so someone else can enjoy. Now following you on Instagram. Here via your party. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Allyson and welcome to my Instagram corner of the world. I like to upcycle too. That’s a good way to breathe new life into an otherwise old and over-used item. Good for you. Thank you for stopping by and happy organizing. 🙂

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