How to Enjoy Beach Travel with Toddlers on a Budget

Family Having Fun On BeachHave you done it yet? Have I done what Clearissa? I hear ya, I’ll get on with it. J I am going to write this article from the perspective of a grandparent because that’s what I am, a very proud grandma. They call me MiMi…don’t you love it?

If you follow my blog, you must know by now, that my daughter, of whom I am most proud, is a single parent and a middle school teacher. She’s a wonderful mother and I am very proud. However, she is one. We are a small family, I am an only child and my daughter is an only child and until 3 years ago, my now 15-year-old granddaughter was an only child. Well along came our new joy. The first boy and a new baby into our small clan. Needless to say, he wears us out and brings lots of joy.

Well my granddaughter is a wonderful big sister and she helps her mother like crazy, but everybody needs a break sometimes…right? Well, hubs and I decided to give them a summer present and we took the little joy/terror to the beach with us for a week. Oh happy day, both mom and big sis did a happy dance. They could have some girl time and get to miss the little one.

Hubs and I both thoroughly enjoyed him, but he did change our time management and activity list for the week. With my granddaughter being 15, I had totally forgotten what it’s like to take toddlers on a prolonged vacation. So I decided to bring you along for the ride and hopefully help you plan better if/when you do the same

The Steps I took:

Food Preparation-

We are partial to Myrtle Beach. We love the calabash style seafood and we also love the relaxed atmosphere. For hubs and me it’s just perfect. We are not looking for a party. But remember we were taking a 3-year-old with us. Not a calm little 3-year-old girl but a 3-year-old rambunctious little boy. Usually his mom and big sis were with us and we all 4 chipped in. Not this time. J

I started preparing two weeks in advance. I decided we could not just grab a quick biscuit or piece of fruit for breakfast this time around. No, I had to make sure a happy tummy was part of the plan. So to prepare, I did this:

Read the entire article and get the all of the tips here. 

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