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My front door is boring and needs a spring/summer wreath to add some much needed curb appeal. It’s Saturday and I have some time,this can’t take long and besides, it’s a necessity. So off I go to run a QUICK errand! Well so I thought. First stop, the big box store. You know the one…they have everything, right? This will be a quick trip…or so I thought! Are you kidding me? $50.00 for a plain, nothing special wreath. They are so poorly crafted. I can even see where the flowers are glued onto the wreath frame. I’m not buying that!

No problem, I’ll just head on over to our local Pottery. Well that’s not a good idea either because I get so distracted in this place. So much colorful and shiny stuff! Ribbon, candles, baskets, etc. and colors. So many colors!!! I can not get lost in this colorful and creative place. Not today because today, I need to concentrate> After all, I am on a mission. Unfortunately, I must leave this place as well because the least expensive spring wreath is again, $59.00.

It’s a conspiracy!

Next stop, my favorite craft store. To my chagrin, the wreaths are just as, or even more expensive here.  Must be all of that creativity that they are charging for. Well not today. Today my wallet is screaming that I must get in touch with my creative side as well.

So I look around the store paying close attention to the sale tables/bins. I dive into the “Sale” bins and come up with the supplies for a spring wreath. I pull out my trusty cell phone and total the cost of the supplies. Whew!! What a difference. $18.50. I think I’ll take this stuff home and get a little creative. You budget DIYers must be proud of me!

So this is what I brought to the table, if you will.

Wreath Forms PM   Supplies PM  Supplies 2 PM  Supplies 1  Hummingbird PM

  • Wreath form: $4.00 (The skinny one was only a dollar but I didn’t use it for this project. You will see it again later)
  • Summer Garland x 2 $8.00  (they were in the sale bin)
  • Florist wire $1.50
  • Hummingbird $5.00 (can’t believe I paid $5.00 for the bird but he was my splurge)
  • The glue gun picture is missing but I used it

So here I am with all of this stuff laid out on my kitchen table and I’m waiting for creativity to kick in. I am a natural when it comes to organization and redesign, crafty is happening due to necessity and I am enjoying it. J Okay here we go…

How I Got In Touch With My Creativity…Remember, it’s a Necessity!

  • First I lay the flowers on the wreath form.
  • I had to play with the flower garlands on the wreath form for a bit to get it just the way I like
  • Once things are where I want them to be, I cut the florist wire and twist it between the green leaves to hold the flowers in place.
  • Surprisingly, the wire disappears in the leaves.
  • Now that everything is in place, I pull out my trusty glue gun to glue the garland down in strategic locations.

Final Touches.

  • I have to decide where to place my expensive $5.00 hummingbird.
  • I decid not to hot glue my little bird to the wreath. Instead, I used the florist wire to hold him in place…I will use him again.
  • It’s all in place but something is missing. Like those expensive ones in the stores earlier…what to do?
  • And then it hit me, I used a thin yellow ribbon and pull an ornamental piece from one of my home made flower arrangements.
  • These two additions are exactly what my creation needed.

The End.

  • So here it is, the finished product.
  • Eighteen dollars and $.50 for a wreath that, in my opinion, looks just as good as some of those that were going for $50.00 or more.

     Completed Wreath 1 PM                     Completed Wreath 2 PM

I hang my spring wreath on the hook on my front door and do my happy dance. I’m happy and my wallet is as well.

Have you ever created your own wreath? If so, did it turn out well? Share please!

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