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The New Project

The spring refresh continued last week as I decided to tackle my guest bath. I did not change paint color or fixtures. I did not change flooring, although that is on the list for the fall. All I did was change the shower curtain, wash and hang towels differently, and remove a few knick knacks. Just those few changes made a huge difference in the feel of this space.

What I Did Not Do (hanging my head in shame)

First let me apologize for not taking “before” pictures, but I promise to get better about this. I don’t know why this is so difficult for me. It could be I get so excited about the end result…but I will do better. At any rate, let me give you a brief description of what this space used to be. OVERDONE. That’s it. Oh, you want more? Okay, to begin with the shower curtain was white ruffled window curtains. I have a thing about shower curtains. I normally don’t like them so I’ve used window treatments as shower curtains for years.

When I moved into the home ruffles were in vogue but that was over 13 years ago and although the curtains held up well, they were very outdated. I am going to have to find a way to reuse the material because it is a heavy cotton and still as white as snow. We will worry about that later.

Back to the before. I really love fluffy towels and I had layered so many towels in this space until it looked like a museum instead of an inviting guest bath. I wanted to change that.

What I Did Do

Of course, I laundered all of the towels and all of them did not make it back to the space. As you can see from the photos, I hung the towels in a different way just to add a bit of whimsy to the space. I used twine to tie the towels to the towel bar.

Rose Hand Towels PM       Towels PM

You will notice I have a dual theme running through the space and here’s why. I think themes are easily overdone. For example, a couple of bunnies make the room feel whimsical and decorated while 10 bunnies make the room feel overbearing. Therefore, I removed six bunnies and inserted roses. I had towels trimmed in a rose fabric. I happened to have a rose encrusted bowl and I added the two to the room. What a difference a rose makes. 🙂

                                                         Shelving PM

Let me say, I changed out the faucet, replaced the builder grade wall mirror, and painted the vanity cabinets last year and intend to add tile flooring, change the light fixture and replace the bathroom fan with one of the new light and fan combination in the fall. Pray for me because it never ends. 🙂 But when you’re working with a small budget you take baby steps.

As I said this refresh was simple but with loads of impact. I changed the shower curtain to a more modern and clean-lined window curtain, I found a creative way to hang towels (of course guest will have access to useable towels which hang in a normal fashion behind the bathroom door as does a white hotel-like white terry robe. I also added a lamp to the counter top and potpourri and scented soaps in an effort to appeal to all the senses.. Although not purchased together I noticed the rose motif on the towels and the rose bowl happen to match. Sometimes the decorating fairies smile on you. This little touch gives the space that designer look.

Full Front View 1 PM    Rose Hand Towels Close Up PM   Rose Bowl PM

What I Spent

The only new purchase was the shower curtain. I paid $20.00 for four panels and that is the total spent for this refresh.

Ooops! Not true. I did purchase fresh potpourri, $6.00. Which brings the total refresh to $26.00. Not bad…right? This refresh is proof positive that sometimes removing clutter, even the decorative type, can have a positive effect on a space.

Are you currently working on a refresh? If so, share, I would love to hear about it.

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