How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

How To Reset And Organize A Small PantryHow To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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How To Reset/Organize A Small Pantry

Resetting a small pantry is like resetting any other area of your home. The reset involves purging, organizing, decluttering, and optimizing the space to make it functional and efficient. And when you are dealing with food storage, you also need to make sure expiration dates are considered as well. I am sharing my step-by-step guide for resetting my small pantry and I hope it will be inspirational to you as well. Let’s examine how to reset and organize a small pantry.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Empty the Pantry:

Start by removing all items from your pantry. This allows you to assess what you have and start with a clean slate. This first step also allows you to check expiration dates and to recant if necessary.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

Sort and Declutter:

Group similar items together and again, check for expired or unused items and discard them.

Consider donating non-perishable items that you will not use but are still within their expiration dates. Make a note to only purchase items that your family will actually eat.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Clean the Shelves:

Wipe down the pantry shelves to remove any dust or spills. A clean space will make it more appealing and easier to maintain.

Evaluate Storage Containers:

Assess your current storage containers. Consider using clear containers or bins to make it easy to see what’s inside. I love clear containers and I gravitate towards glass. Remove any damaged or mismatched containers if you can, but do not go broke trying to make your pantry Pinterest-ready.

The goal is to make your pantry useful for your family. And if you do want a Pinterest-ready pantry, you can make that happen over time.


How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Categorize Items:

Divide your pantry items into categories such as grains, canned goods, snacks, baking supplies, etc. This makes it easier to find what you need.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Create Zones:

Designate specific areas for each category. For example, place all baking supplies in one area, snacks in another, and so on.

Dividing your pantry into zones also makes it easier for family members to find things as well and hopefully helps them to put things back where they belong. At least we can hope.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

Use Shelf Organizers:

Maximize vertical space by using shelf organizers or risers. This can help you see and access items at the back of the shelves more easily.

I also love and use lazy susans to help with corralling certain items.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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I am all about labeling containers and/or shelves. Labeling containers or shelves makes it clear where items belong. This can help everyone in your household maintain the organization.

 Arrange by Expiration Date:

Arrange items with earlier expiration dates towards the front, so you’re more likely to use them before they expire.

For this to work, you have to remember to rearrange the items if you restock before using all of the items.

 Consider Accessibility:

Place frequently used items at eye level and less frequently used items on higher or lower shelves. This is a very important step if you have a small pantry like we have.

I use my top shelf for overflow and the shelves that are eye-level for items used most often.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Utilize Door Space:

If your pantry has a door, consider using it for additional storage. Over-the-door organizers can hold small items like spices, foil, or wraps. I have one that I love and it is great for saving space.


How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

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Maintain Regularly:

To keep your small pantry organized, you should schedule regular pantry maintenance to prevent clutter from building up. This could be a monthly or quarterly task to ensure everything stays organized.

Inventory System:

Consider creating an inventory system, especially for items with longer shelf lives. This helps you keep track of what you have and avoid unnecessary purchases.

An inventory system will also save money as you will not double-purchase items.

How To Reset And Organize A Small Pantry

My system may not work for you, but perhaps you can use bits and pieces of it to get you started with a system that is right for your family. However, my system is basic and is a great place to start. By following these steps, you can reset your small pantry, making it more organized and efficient for your needs.

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  1. Carol says:

    Your photos at the end are dream pantries for sure. I just bought new white wire shelves for my pantry. Old ones are brown and sticky – they smell! Anyway I have not put anything in there until new shelves installed. Then I organize! Love the post.

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