Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

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I love a cozy space throughout the year, but it is most important during the winter season. When it’s gloomy and cold outside, I need warm and cozy inside. Today I am pulling together tips for living cozy during the dreary winter months.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

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Creating a cozy atmosphere for winter in your home involves a combination of visual, tactile, and sensory elements. I am sharing tips to help you make your home feel warm, cozy, and inviting during the winter months.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Warm Lighting:

I prefer daylight bulbs and I do not change them during the winter months. I believe bright light is necessary during every season. However, there are other ways to include warm lighting.

Consider using candles or flameless LED candles for a warm, flickering glow. Candles and small lamps on countertops or side tables are great ways to bring in warm lighting without changing out your daylight bulbs in larger lamps and ceiling lighting.

You can also add painting lights when you need cozy lighting.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

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Soft Textiles:

There is nothing better on a cold and gloomy day than snuggling under a cozy blanket, quilt, or throw. Adding plush blankets and throws to your sofas and chairs is a must. If you have the space, a large basket filled with cozy textiles is a great way to make guests feel at home and cozy as well.

Invest in soft, fluffy pillows for extra comfort. Fluffy pillows are a must in your winter bedroom. It’s also a great addition to sofas and chairs as well.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

I love hardwood flooring, but when it’s cold outside, I need the feeling of warm and cozy on my toes. Adding area rugs is way to have the best of both worlds. Consider adding area rugs to add warmth to hardwood or tile floors.

Winter Decor:

I enjoy Incorporating winter-themed decor, such as snowflakes, pinecones, and seasonal wreaths in my decor. I also enjoy bringing the outside in by adding winter florals.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

As mentioned before, displaying cozy items like knit blankets, quilts, or winter-themed throw pillows is a great addition to a home during the winter season.

Layered Fabrics:

Layering fabrics like curtains and drapes can add warmth and create a cocoon-like feeling.

Heavy curtains or thermal curtains can also help insulate windows.

 Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

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Warm Colors:

Choose warm, earthy tones for your decor, such as deep reds, browns, and warm neutrals.

Consider incorporating winter-inspired colors like deep greens or icy blues.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Fireplace or Heater:

If you are blessed to have a fireplace, use it to create a focal point in the room. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider using electric heaters or space heaters to add warmth.

Cozy Furniture Arrangement:

Arrange furniture in a way that promotes conversation and connection. I am not suggesting that you purchase furniture for different seasons, however the arrangement can make a room feel warm.

Create intimate seating areas with comfortable chairs and sofas and that will do the trick.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

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Hot Beverages:

You all know how I love a hot beverage bar during the winter. Set your hot beverage station with a variety of teas, coffees, and hot chocolates. A little something for everyone.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Display mugs and thermal cups for easy access.

Comfort Food:

We are all trying to eat healthy, but cooking or baking comfort foods that fill your home with delicious aromas is a must.

To remain on the right track for eating healthy, display seasonal fruits, nuts, and treats in decorative bowls.

Winter Scents:

I love to use candles and essential oil diffusers to make our home feel cozy. I use winter fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla, or pine. You can also use sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, fresh rosemary, and other fresh fruit in a simmer pot as well.

Fuzzy Socks and Slippers:

I love warm fuzzy socks and slippers. My husband laughs at me because my current pair have cat faces. They are so cozy. They are perfect with a pair of warm comfy jammies.

Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

Place a basket of cozy blankets near seating areas for easy access.

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If you want to enjoy the winter months and not just tolerate them, try some or all my suggestions and I promise it will make winter feel less intimidating. Make your home a welcoming and comforting space for you and your guests


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2 thoughts on “Living Cozy During The Dreary Winter Months

  1. Georgia says:

    Hi Clearissa- Your tips for creating a cozy winter haven are fantastic! I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of layering fabrics for that cocoon-like feeling. I’m curious about your favorite winter scent – do you have a go-to fragrance that instantly transforms your home into a warm and inviting space during the dreary winter months?

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Georgia. Thank you for watching and for your kind comments. Yes, I do have two favorite winter frangrances. Bath and Bodyworks Teakwood and Winter. I also buy candles from homegoods and they vary. I just have to sniff them all. 🙂 Thanks again for stopping in. Hugs.

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