How To Use Baskets For (Pretty) Storage In The Bathroom & Elsewhere

Wicker Baskets

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How To Use Baskets For (Pretty) Storage In The Bathroom & Elsewhere

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Wicker Baskets

Suffice it to say I am an organization enthusiast.  I also have a love and some may say a knack for home decor and decorating. I am one of those folks who sincerely believe that everything in a home, office, car, or any other space for that matter, should have a place and be placed in that place.  With that said, believe you me, I have sought out all types of storage systems.

Some systems work and others do not, but the one that never fails me is…drum roll please…the basket! I know, I know that announcement was a little over the top but hey, I can be a bit dramatic sometimes. ;-).

Wicker Baskets

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Enough about me, let’s get back to one of my favorite organizational tools and by the way, it is great for home decor as well and that is the basket. When I say baskets a lot of folks can only conjure up visions of wicker baskets and I do so love wicker baskets but baskets are made out of lots of other materials such as metal, cloth, plastics, and a plethora of other materials.

There is a basket for every style and decor preference. I especially love baskets in my bathroom, kitchen and to organize closet spaces but today we will discuss baskets and their usefulness in the bathroom.

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I first fell in love with baskets because of the different textures and colors as well as the storage opportunities baskets provide. Baskets also allow you to coordinate with other bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains, throw rugs, paint color, etc. And even better, you can paint them to change them to exactly the look you want. Have you ever painted a wicker or metal basket?

Wicker Baskets

How can I use my basket?

You can use your baskets for many different things, such as storage. You can use baskets to store various items, including mail, magazines, invoices, etc in different areas of the home, but in the bathroom, you can store bath items, such as skincare products,  extra towels, bathroom tissue, etc. You can also store cosmetics, shaving items, and even dirty laundry, etc in baskets.


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Baskets can be used to store your hair products while keeping bathroom counters and cabinets neat and tidy. And they do all of this heavy lifting while looking pretty. Baskets give you the advantage of sitting them on shelves or the floor to fill up that vacant corner in a bathroom. Using baskets will help you “contain” yourself into an orderly and clean bathroom space.

Wicker Baskets

How to decorate baskets:

You can use a wide array of items to decorate your baskets. When decorating your own basket try using items, such as ribbons, labels, or other embellishments. Or if you are like me, a paintbrush and a little paint go a long way in adding your own personal style to your baskets.  You can find old items around the house and come up with your own ideas.

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A basket sitting in a bathroom corner filled with perfectly folded or rolled towels is both useful, providing extra towels, and aesthetically pleasing. Again, killing two birds with one stone.

In the bathroom, a basket holding reading material is welcoming to let’s say, “those who come in and stay awhile.” 😀

If you want to add style to your bathroom, try adding dried florals to a pretty basket. The flowers will enhance the basket by adding texture, as well as color. At craft stores, or your local dollar store, you will find a wide array of florals, or you can dry your own. If you are more into living things, you can also add a pretty fern or other plants to a pretty basket to pep up your bathroom’s aesthetic. Most plants will be beautiful and happy as many plants love the steam they receive whenever you shower. For those plants, it’s a win-win. And it’s a win-win for you as well.

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How to choose the perfect basket:

I could make this long and drawn out, but the reality is that you will be happiest with a pattern or color or texture of a basket if it suits your taste. If you are searching to accomplish uniqueness, then consider your style, tastes, and desires. Do not buy anything, and a basket is included in that anything, because it is trendy or because someone else may have it.  Only buy and bring into your home the things that you really love. Otherwise, it may become simply clutter someday soon. There, that was easy.


Baskets can add beauty to a bathroom but they can also provide organized storage as well as make a decor statement. It all depends on the style chosen, the size chosen, the color chosen or painted, and the way and where they are placed.

Wicker Baskets

So what say you? Do you use baskets in your decor? Do you store overflow items in baskets? Leave me a response in the comments.

Happy Basket Shopping

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4 thoughts on “How To Use Baskets For (Pretty) Storage In The Bathroom & Elsewhere

  1. Carol says:

    I also love baskets – Clearissa could I see more of your bathroom and its baskets? Do you use them in a closet or under the sink? Great post as always!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Carol, I use cloth storage baskets/bins in my closet and on the shelving in my office. In my bathroom, under the sink, I use stackable plastic baskets/storage bins. I choose those instead of wicker for uniformity and because they fit a bit better. I have a lot of wicker baskets displayed on top of my wall unit and in my a couple in my bathroom. I also have one on my entry table holding a pillow and a throw and in my living room on a table doing the same. I will be doing an entry fall refresh soon. As well as a fall home refresh as well. Thanks for stopping in and for your support.

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