What is Hobsess? An Interview with an Organizing Guru

Organizing Guru

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What is Hobsess? The Interview with an Organizing Guru

Hello, Command Center Followers. So earlier in the week I was blessed to be interviewed by Rev of Hobsess and I told you then that I would share with you how Rev and I got together (I don’t keep secrets from you guys…this is our journey, remember)? Well first off,  what is Hobsesss? Well, I didn’t know either until I met Rev. And  yet another question…who is Rev? No, no, no, Rev is not short for Reverend. 🙂 I am certain Rev is short for something but I haven’t a clue what (hmmm, perhaps I will interview Rev and find out). What I do know is that Rev is a smart, talented, and fun-loving entrepreneur who has made it her life’s work to help other entrepreneurs introduce their Hobbies to Obsession. Hobbies meet Obsession = Hobsess. Get it? Very clever, right? The interview with an organizing guru is next. 🙂

Rev & Me

Organizing GuruRecently Rev and I got together, virtually of course, for an interview. She wanted to know what it is about organization and upcycling and redesigning that makes me so happy. I would love for you to head on over and read the interview. It was fun and easy to interact with Rev and I think you’ll find not only my interview but a wealth of information on her site. She  has so much going on over there!You can catch the interview here and I think Rev and I did a pretty good job of getting to the crust of why I do what I do. and Why I finally pushed the envelope and turned my passion/hobby into a business. I think you’ll enjoy the interviewAnd I know you will enjoy Rev’s site. And guess what…she called me a guru y’all! 🙂

More About Rev

Rev lives over at http://www.hobsess.com/ and let me tell you, her site is chocked full of useful information, business plan tutorials, templates and lots of good information  for the entrepreneur who wants to turn their hobby into a profitable business. No matter your niche, there is something over at Hobsess for you. I am certain I will be spending a lot of time on Rev’s website.

I am so happy that I connected with Rev and I know we will be collaborating again in the future. In the meantime visit Hobsess and get to know Rev for yourself. And while you’re there, check out my interview. I am very proud of it and guess what? She called me a guru y’all! 🙂 We have arrived Command Center followers. 

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