Let’s Get Springy With It

Let's Get Springy With It

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Let’s Get Springy With It

Well we didn’t have much of a winter here and I love winter, but you know what? I love something about every season and since we are bumping, head first, into spring, I say…Let’s Get Springy With It! I have made a few changes for the new season. I am not completely done, but I am Getting Springy With It. I want you to know that, as usual, I have not spent a lot on this project. But I feel there is a lot of what I like to call bang for my buck. I am letting go of the winter cozy for more of the light & bright springy refresh.

Let's Get Springy With ItAs you enter, you will find my DIY wreath. If you would like a tutorial on how I put this little ditty together, just leave a request in the comments.

Let's Get Springy With It

I love, love this little table. It was just an old table that has sentimental value to me. I realize most would like something with a little more glam in the entry way, but this little table has traveled with me for many, many years so I just keep painting it and keeping it and painting it and keeping it. Perhaps I will add some glam to the shelves. Or maybe not. I am not as much glammy as I am farmhouse I guess because I love this table. The candle holders are upcycles that I made from thrift store finds. They are really cute at night with the tea lights inside. And the vase of flowers is my own personal creation as well.

Let's Get Springy With ItThis is a corner in my ever-changing dining room. I think I’ve said before, that I think I make the most changes in my dining room than any other room in the house. These yellow plates really liven up the space. They are the epitome of Getting Springy With It. And although the picture does not show it very well, the candles are yellow as well.

Let's Get Springy With It

I am anticipating my Easter table. If you follow me, you know I am a planner. So although I am Getting Springy With It, I am also planning for Easter and then summer. So I have put my napkins together for my Easter table. That green napkin is actually a sea green. The color contrast is not depicted very well in this photo. It was a rainy day when I took these photos and the lighting was not very good. And who am I kidding? I am not the best photographer in the world. However, there is truly a distinct contrast between the three colors. And aren’t the bunny ear napkin rings cute? Yes, I know, I could have added the blingy ones and I still may, but during the planning process, I am feeling these. Do you like these or would you prefer more blingy?

Let's Get Springy With ItSo, I have pulled out the dinnerware for Easter but it is not time yet to set the table so I have married my planning with my entertaining themed table. You are getting a sneak peak of what I am thinking I will do for Easter. But you know me, it could definitely change. 😊  But the important addition is what? The Easter eggs, of course. Oh yeah, and the bunny table runner, I am getting prepared.

Let's Get Springy With It

Another angle of the dining table. Still in process but all the way spring.

Let's Get Springy With It

This is one corner of the living room where I’ve added a bit of spring by adding a pillow. This is one of my “sunshine pillows”. I purchased these pillows last year and I am just excited about them this year. Welcome sunshine.

Let's Get Springy With It

Say hello to my wittle fiend. There are two of these happy little bunnies and they really make me feel springy. But in this house, you may spot a bunny in many places.  Bunnies, bunnies everywhere and generally there are one or two hiding out here even during the winter months. I love bunnies. There you have it. 🙂

Let's Get A Little Springy With It

This is the match to the other You Are My Sunshine pillow. It resides on the other side of the living room.

Let's Get Springy With It

More bunnies. This is actually a DIY project. It began with a tray, a glass bowl and a candle stick from my local thrift store.

Let's Get Springy With It

This is also an upcycle. Candlestick and a beautiful thrift store vase. Once again, the picture does not actually do this upcycle justice. I etched the glass and the verbiage says “Family”. It is really dainty and pretty. The flower that you can see is also etched. This vase began life as a plain flower vase. And it is sitting on a cupcake plate upcycle as well. You can find both in my online craft boutique.

Let's Get Springy With It

Nothing says springy like flowers.

Let's Get Springy With It

Another upcycle. You can find the tiered plate in my online craft boutique. This one sits on my table in the breakfast nook in the eat-in kitchen.

Let's Get Springy With It

This is a springy vignette. The light under the dome is a lighted angel. No matter what I change on this buffet, I never move the angel. Everything on this buffet is an upcycle except the dome, the platter, the bunnies and the crystal candelabras behind the bunny tray. Oh, and the buffet is also an upcycle.

Okay, that’s a peak at my changes for spring. I am getting Springy With It. However, I am not going overboard because a lot of what I end up with for spring will take me through summer as well. With that in mind, I am planning for spring/Easter and spring/summer.  What are you doing to bring spring into your space? Are you DIYing/upcycling your changes or practicing a little retain therapy and buying everything brand spanking new? Leave your responses in the comment section below. I would love to hear what you are working on to get springy with it.

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Get Springy With It

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Sue. Thank you. I will tell you a little secret. Yellow is my signature color. I have a little yellow in the house year round. Actually, there are two things you can find throughout my house all year…bunnies and yellow. lol Not a lot of yellow but a little. So go for it and have fun. 🙂

  2. Lori Hill-Smith says:

    Beautiful, you have so many fun things for Spring! There’s definitely a farmhouse feel to it. I like that.

    I’ve hung up a Spring wreath but that’s it. I better get with the program!

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Lori. Thank you for stopping in and for the compliments. I am definitely trying to switch over to give my home a bit of a farmhouse feel, but I have a lot of heavy Tuscan sort of decor which I am hoping I can incorporate in some way because it way too expensive to do that. We don’t roll like that in our home. 🙂 But thank you so much. I can’t wait to see what you do for spring and Easter. 🙂

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Carol. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you stopping by and I am so happy you like the post. Yellow is my go to accent color. I haven’t a clue why I am drawn to it but I have been for a very long time. Again, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Marianna says:

    Hi Clearissa, thanks for beautiful & fresh spring styling! In India everything is so colourful that we tend to shades of grey and beige.

  6. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Marianna, Thank you for stopping by. I can imagine that if you are saturated with color all the time it can become overwhelming. It’s okay, I love beige and greige (a warm grey) as well. But I do love my pops of color here and there. Please stop back again soon.

  7. Grammy Dee says:

    Everything looks so pretty and springy 🙂 Thank you Clearissa for sharing this post at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared it on social media.

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