A Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

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 A Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

I have an upcycle paint project to share with you. I have dubbed this project the Light & Bright Vanity project because this vanity has gone from dark and dreary to light and bright with a coat of paint. I have this ugly console table that I have used as a vanity for quite some time. I chose something this size to serve as a vanity because the room is cozy and an actual vanity would take up too much floor space. This table is long and narrow but it also has two drawers for storage…which is great. In a cozy living space, everything should do double duty and this piece fits the bill. However, it was in definite need of an upcycle.  It had seen better days.

light & Bright vanity Upcycle

It was worn on the top and the sides. And the top had all sorts of wear and tear.

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

But being the upcycler I am, I knew I could make it better.

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

I used  the following supplies for this project:

Liquid Sander:

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

I cleaned the entire piece with the liquid sander before adding primer and paint. This roughs up the surface and removes the shine to help the paint adhere. It replaces using sandpaper and although not effective in all cases, works well for this type of paint job.


Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

A lot of furniture painters do not use a primer when using chalk paint. However, when the surface is this dark, I always use a primer to avoid shadowy areas or the dark finish bleeding through a lighter paint color.

Chalk Paint

Light & Bright Vanity Recycle

I painted two coats of chalk paint in Sheepskin color.

Dark Mahogany Stain

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

I restained the top of the vanity with two coats of dark mahogany stain. I allowed the stain to dry completely between coats.


Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Once everything was dry, I applied three coats of polyacrylic to seal and protect the surfaces. I use polyacrylic instead of polyurethane to avoid yelling. A lesson learned the hard way.

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Tada…upcycle complete. It is quite a transformation. My bedroom spring refresh is almost complete. There is one more piece I want to upcycle and then it’s on to the fun part. I hope you enjoyed the article. Are you working on a spring project? If so, what is it and how’s it coming along?

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle
Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

As a bonus, here is a peek at how I organized the inside drawer of the vanity using dollar store containers.

Vanity process

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12 thoughts on “A Light & Bright Vanity Upcycle

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Amanda and thank you. I enjoyed doing this one. I almost sanded it in spots to give it the rustic worn look but changed my mind. I kinda like the clean look for this one. Thank you for stopping in. I hope you will stop by again soon. 🙂

  2. Rhonda Gales says:

    Great upcycle. You have inspired me to start finding treasures, and give the a little love. The desk and chair look great. Be sure to share your posts on Sunday’s Best. They’re so inspirational.

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