Lists, Lists, And More Lists

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Lists, Lists, And More Lists

I do not know about you, but I am a list person by nature. I get a feeling of accomplishment when I complete a project or task and check it off of my do list. I make lists almost every day. However, even if you are not a daily list maker, it is a good idea to make lists during the holiday season. My suggestion to you is that during this time of year, we should all make lists, lists, and more lists.

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I can hear you out there asking…Clearissa what type of lists do you think I need? Well, I am glad you asked. 🙂 I will add a few suggested lists below.



I am sure that the invitations are beginning to roll in for the season. Invitations to Thanksgiving dinner with family and/or friends, invitations to shopping with friends for holiday gifts. Or you could be the person hosting and sending out the invitations. Either way, a good list will help you stay organized and keep you from overbooking


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  • List of invitees. This is a way to prepare food for the correct number of people attending the gathering
  • List of dishes you are preparing. This is a great way to know what to buy when you shop for your Thanksgiving dinner. After all with the price of things today, you do not want to over-purchase.


  • List of dishes attendees will bring to the festivities Sometimes guests will bring side dishes, dessert, or wine to the gathering to supplement the meal. If you know what everyone is bringing, you can plan the meal and space for setting up the meal much more efficiently.
  • List for food prep. Many of us prepare certain dishes in advance. It is very helpful to have a list of which dishes will be prepared in advance and on which day to set up for preparation.

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  • List of people to receive Christmas cards. I still send Christmas cards I make a list of people to send cards to.
  • Gift list. A list of who you will buy gifts for and what you will buy them is so very helpful. It can also assist with your holiday budget if you have a list of gifts to purchase and stick to the list. Don’t forget to add your kid’s teachers to that list.
  • List of dates to decorate for the holidays. Whether you decorate one room or the whole house, seasonal decorating can take a lot o time. Planning the decorating will help you plan when you decorate, what you will decorate, and assign certain decorating tasks to family members.
  • List of parties and events you and the family will be attending during the season. Be sure to add dates to the list as well.
  • As stated in the lists for Thanksgiving, add a list of food prep as well. You can use the same list for Christmas dinner that you used for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, the meal will change.

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After the Holidays:

  • When it’s time to take all of the decor down until next year, I like to have a list of what is stored in each bin. I write it out and use packing tape to adhere the list to the top of the bin.
  • Make a list for each bin. Next year, you will have an easier time pulling down decorations because you will know exactly what is in each bin.


I have added a link to a free downloadable Christmas gift checklist to help you get started with your lists for the holiday season. I hope it will help you set your Christmas gift budget and help you stick to it. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of your lists, lists, and more lists.

Free Downloadable Christmas Gift Checklist

Do you make lists during the holidays? Or are you a list person all the time like I am? I am curious as to how of my friends here need lists to get and remain organized.

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!

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2 thoughts on “Lists, Lists, And More Lists

  1. Carol says:

    I’m a list person too. It’s so satisfying to check off tasks as you go. I like your gift printable. That red band grabs the eye. Happy organizing!

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