A Little Piece of Christmas – Table for Two

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Another little piece of Christmas from my home…did I mention my dinning room is cozy – which is a nice way of saying small? Well it is…the dining table seats 4 comfortably and 6 in a pinch, unless I add the square piece of plywood and cover it with a table cloth. Then I can seat 8 -10 easily (there is always an economical way). But I was thinking of a holiday setting for two for my husband and me. In my mind’s eye I could envision the two of us enjoying a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast during this holiday season. A cold morning when we have all the time we need to catch up while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.With that in mind, I made my way to my neighborhood Dollar Store. I’m there a lot. 🙂 And when I left the store I had spent less than $10.00. The complete setting for 2, except for the candelabras and stemware, for under $10.00. The candelabras are a Kirkland close out sale find for $9.99 last year and I’ve had the stemware forever. The Bargain Diva strikes again.

Candelabra PM

It’s a pretty yet casual table for two. The chargers are a deep burgundy that matches my wall below the chair rail perfectly and the ribbon tied around the silverware as well. The simple white dinner ware is perfect to make that burgundy pop. If you look closely, the white plates are delicately trimmed in silver along the rim. Very pretty. I collect dinner bells, and the crystal one on the table is a lovely addition. The silver angels are simple ornaments but they add just the right touch to the table scape. The Christmas balls are a nice touch to the candelabras, don’t you think? The stemware is from my collection. They are not crystal, but the lights dance on the glass and make for a kaleidoscope effect. And finally I made the silverware special by placing it into a faux pocket on the napkins. An easy trick. It’s all about how you fold them.

Casual Christmas Table - 1   Casual Christmas Table_Plate Close Up PM    Casual Christmas Table_Silware Close Up PM1   Candelabra PM   Casual Christmas Table PMCasual Christmas Table - 1

Isn’t it fun to take dollar store finds and make them look chic and more expensive than they really are? That will be a resounding “Yes”. This little tablescape is proof positive that expensive and not so expensive can come together to make a beautiful statement.

Merry Christmas

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