Need New Windows? I Got You!

New Windows

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Need New Windows? I Got You!

Our home was built in 1980 and we have done a bit of updating over the past 15 years that we have lived n the home. For example, we have changed flooring and appliances, removed hideous wallpaper, painted and much much more.  However; one thing we put off for as long as we possibly could was replacing the old windows. But last May, we bit the bullet and decided we needed new windows. Therefore we decided to be that house that replaced all of the windows. Oh my…what an expensive project.

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that this is NOT a sponsored post and Anderson has no idea I’m writing this article, but I wanted to share my experience with you. It was a good one!

After interviewing and receiving free estimates from several companies, we decided to contract with Renewal by Anderson Window Replacement in Raleigh, NC.  From the very first time our salesperson entered our home, and patiently demonstrated the differences between the Anderson product and the others, we knew we were going to spend the extra money and contract with Anderson. They were the most expensive and you all know, I am the bargain, thrifting, and upcycling diva, but there are some things you have to bite the bullet and pay a little more to get the best product and we decided that this was one of those times.

Although Anderson Windows did cost us a bit more, the customer service we received made the experience a pleasant one and was worth every penny. Not only did our salesperson make the sale, she called a couple of days afterward to make sure we were still happy with our choice and were not experiencing buyers remorse. Who does that? And this was before the install date was set so we could have backed out had we wanted to. She was not the only person checking on us to ensure we were satisfied with our decision and understood exactly what to expect on the day of install. Oh no, we were also assigned a customer specialist. She called before the install date to explain everything. She called the morning of the install and she called once the install was over to make sure we were satisfied. The original salesperson called two days after the install as well to make sure everything went well. It was amazing.

New Windows

Two weeks after the install the customer specialist called again to ask if we understood how to open our windows and how to fold them inside to clean. We were so surprised and I haven’t even explained how professional, quick, and courteous the installers were, but I am about to.

The installers were amazing. They were on time and they worked quickly but were so very professional. They had a crew working outsideNew Windows and one working inside so there was very little tracking in and out of the house. That was a nice touch! Once the installation was complete, they gave us a demonstration of how to use the windows and even asked if we wanted to keep some of the old windows before putting them on the truck to take them away. Yes, they removed all of the old windows and debris. They were also mindful of our fur baby and made an extra effort not to allow him to get outside when they entered and exited the house.

Side Note: Of course, I kept a few of the old windows…I am a crafter after all. I’ll come up with something to do with them. 🙂

The installers replaced blinds, curtain rods and vacuumed every room before leaving. I believe the entire process took about 6 hours and we had every window in our home replaced for a total of 12. We were very pleased with the installation process.

So you may be asking what took me so long to share my experience. Well, I waited until we had experienced the windows for a while before writing this post because I wanted to be certain the promises made about saving on our energy bill and blocking out the extreme UV rays were true before I shared with you and they are! We had the new windows installed last spring and we have lived with them through them through 2 springs, 1 fall, 1 winter and now, 2 very hot summers and we have noticed a significant decrease in our power bill. Since the installation, we have saved a minimum of $60.00 each month since the month of installation. They truly do abate noise and although our bay window, which is in the kitchen, is a west facing window and receives hot sun for at least 5-hours during the summer months we can now sit in front of it without closing the blinds. That is a significant difference. Before the new windows, we  had to keep the blinds opened just enough to peek out. But we made sure not to allow too much sunlight into the kitchen after 1:00 pm because it would get extremely hot and our air conditioner would run constantly. Also during the winter before the new windows, there was such a draft coming through the windows until it was uncomfortable to sit there to have a meal. There is a huge difference.

New Windows

I am just over the moon with the fact that the windows tilt in for easy cleaning and can open from the top to get a cross breeze during the fall and spring, but we are both most excited by the decrease in our monthly power bill. Now for the aesthetics…the windows look great and have made a huge difference in the curb appeal of our home. They just look clean and updated and because of the material the facings are made of, they are easy to maintain.

Yes, I will admit, we paid more than we expected or budgeted for, but when you are pleased with a service and product from beginning to end, it is worth it. Would I recommend Renewal by Anderson Window Replacement to my family or best friends? Absolutely! Do I feel the extra money was well spent, I absolutely do! And to make it even better, the warranty is transferable and that’s a good thing if we decide to ever sell the home.

Installation Crew 4 PMNew Windows









Again, this is NOT a paid or sponsored post but I had an excellent experience with Anderson Windows and the product has lived up to its claims and therefore, I had to share my experience with all of you. That’s what I do. 🙂

Very special note…do you see all of the roses that are out front? Well, I asked the installers to be careful with my roses for two reasons. Number one, because they are thorny and I did not want anyone to get hurt but also because I didn’t want them to damage my roses. Guess what? With all of the work they did out front, not one rose bush or other flower was damaged. It doesn’t get any better than this. Anderson Windows gets a thumbs up from The Command Center.

New WindowsNew Windows

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