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Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work
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Cleaning Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

Most of us make cleaning a lot harder than it has to be. There is no reason to spend hours every day trying to keep your house clean. With proper plans, organization, and know-how, you can keep your home clean and presentable at all times. In this article, I am sharing Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work when cleaning your home.

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A few of the Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work are tried and true. Others are researched. I have shared alternatives to some of the hacks which means in soime cases, you are getting a bonus. You can thank me later. 😀

* Clean the Dirtiest Thing Last – Work top to bottom, outside toward the center, or from the right in a clockwise motion from your stove to always clean the dirtiest areas last in your home. This will help avoid spreading dirt and grease around and having to use more cleaning supplies such as sponges and cloths. Also, always clean top to bottom. You do not want to get the bed or table cleaned and then clean the nasty ceiling fan above. Nope. Clean that ceiling fan first.

Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work * Sanitize Sinks, Sponges and Toilets – These things get super dirty. Believe it or not, sponges and sinks can sometimes be dirtier than your toilets. It is important to sanitize your sink each day. Use a cleaner that gets rid of bacteria such as bleach, or a commercial cleaner that gets rid of germs. In addition, sanitize your sponge by cleaning well with the cleaner, then zapping it in the microwave. For your toilet, you can use flat soft drinks to dissolve dirt and lose the worry about your dog drinking out of the pot. Just pour flat soda (or buy super cheap soda) into the bowl and let soak overnight. Then in the morning, scrub and flush away the germs.

Note: Full disclosure. I do not use soda to clean my toilet. I use bleach, liquid dawn dish detergent, and Pinsol. I included the soda tip for those pet owners who are concerned about their pets drinking from the toilet.


Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Use an Oven Liner – The oven gets dirty because when you bake items they often drip or splatter. If you put a non-stick liner in the bottom of your oven you can easily wipe it out as you clean up the kitchen each evening after dinner. Spending one minute right now wiping out the spills will save you hours later trying to get off burnt-on food.

I love this tip and I’ve done this for many years. I use aluminum foil and when it gets messy, I just toss it out and begin again. Saves a lot of time and work.

Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Use Rain X on Your Shower Door – Do you have shower doors or any glass that gets wet and spotted from water? If so you can use anything designed for automobiles to bead up rain water to help keep the spots down. The trick though is to also wipe it down with your towel after you’ve dried off before the water dries in spots. If everyone in the house is taught to wipe down the tub, shower, sink and other surfaces after drying off, you’ll hardly ever have to do deep cleaning in the bathroom.

Rain X is a great idea, but I have another tip for you. Once you get all of the soap scum removed from your glass shower door, spray it down with household white vinegar after shower and wipe it down. I promise you, you will never have to clean soap scum again and your glass will remain squeaky.

I keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar in the shower. After I shower, use the squeegy, that I also keep in the shower, to remove the vinegar and all soap. Afterwards, I wipe the door down with a dish towel that I also keep in the shower on the towel rack. I realize it sounds like a lot, but it really is not and it is much better than scrubbing soap scum. Believe it or not, my husband even does it after every shower. If I can get my hubs to do it, it can not be that difficult. Try it!

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Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Wash Shower Liners with Bleach in Washer – Is your shower liner getting moldy? Instead of replacing it, you can actually throw it in the washing machine with bleach and soap. Use hot water, and then hang up while still wet. Teach everyone to fully close the curtains to avoid getting mold in the future.

Home Revival - Bedroom - Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Keep Your Bedroom Comfortable – It can be very hard to sleep in a mess. If you train yourself and everyone else to make the bed first thing, the room will automatically feel cleaner and more restful. Eliminating clutter by cutting down on the stuff you have, only keeping in drawers and closets things you actually use. This will also make cleaning less work. A place for everything and everything in its place. It really works and it does not take a lot of time once you get into the habit.

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Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Basket It – Take five minutes to circle the house with a basket, putting anything that does not belong in the room inside the basket. Go through twice, so you can also put the stuff away after collecting it. This can cut down on clutter in a big way. Want to teach kids to pick up their belongings? Have a lost and found and charge for retrieval. Trust me, they will be more mindful of where they drop their things if they have to pay you part of their allowance. 😛

Hacks - Cleaning - Nine Cleaning Hacks To Save Time and Work 

* Create a Home for Everything – Organization will help tremendously. If everything has a home, such as shoes, coats, umbrellas, books and so forth, there will be a lot less clutter. Create homes for things with baskets, cubbies and shelving.


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* Use Phone Time Wisely – If your mom or best friend calls, use the time in a productive manner. Get a headset so that you have your hands free and keep moving during the entire call cleaning anything that is dirty or folding laundry. The headset makes it easy for you to keep up with your favorite podcast or YouTube channel while you clean. Check out A Cozy Lifestyle With Clearissa Coward on YouTube while you clean. You will be inspired. 😉 Shameless plug.

CleaningCleaning does not have to take that much time out of your day if you keep cleaning as you go, and teach your family to do the same. Having a home for each thing you own, and a logical place to store things, will also help. Creating procedures, processes, and scheduling times to do deep cleaning will also make a huge difference.

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