Ode to a Loved One Part I

Happy Monday!

Okay so we all know I’m new to this online sharing thing-Blogging. And I understand my blog is  based in organization/redesign, Avon products, tips and tricks, and choosing a virtual assistant. But today, I’m sharing me. So bear with me if I’m wandering here and there with my emotions.

The piece below probably looks like a piece of junk to YOU. It probably looks like something no one has ever loved to YOU. But that is far from the truth.  On the one hand, I am so very proud of how this piece turned out. On the other hand, this personal redesigning triumph entered my life on the wings of tragedy.

I, like each of you, have a family that God saw fit to gift me. They are my bloodline. I did not choose them, God did. They are my loved ones. But God blessed me doubly with a family that are not of my bloodline but are of my spirit line. We met and came together as friends, yet we connected on a level that is more than friendship. I dub them family as well, but chosen family because they did not have to love and accept me, but they chose to. How insanely fantastic is that?

This family has suffered much tragedy; however, meet them…and you would think they had never seen a day of misfortune. But I am meandering. On to the piece! Last year, my spirit family lost a young member to the lingering effects of Lupus. She was a vital, giving, out-spoken, determined, community aware, daughter, sister, God-mother, and friend to many. Although she transitioned from labor to reward at a young age, she lived two life times during the time God granted her here with us.

Once my friend transitioned, her family found that her home had sustained severe water damage and with that damage several pieces of antique family heirlooms were damaged as well. The piece in the photos below was one of them.

We discussed what the pieces could be worth and even if they could be repaired at all. And although the family did not want to be burdened with re-conditioning the pieces during this time of loss, they did not want to trash them because of sentimental value. We did our research and I helped them price the pieces for resale. And while doing so I happened to mention, that I wished I could afford the piece in the picture. Well that piece showed up at my house. Not only did they sell me the piece at a ridiculous price but they also arranged delivery. Who does that? My spirit family…that’s who. They even allowed me to make payments. What a blessing!

My hubby and I went to work on the buffet. As you can see, there was quite a lot of damage. Regular wear and tear, water marks and even mildew, but I was determined to make this piece beautiful again. It had as much to do with who had owned it previously as it did with getting that awful wet, mildew smell out of my home. 🙂 It had even more to do with the fact they wanted me to have it. I was then and still am so touched by that.

Thank God for Kiltz! Tomorrow the reveal.

Buffet Before Transition 1Buffet Before Transition 2Buffet During Transition 2Buffey During Transition 1

“All things are possible”


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