Organize Your Life | 7 Steps Professional Organizers Use


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Organize Your Life | 7 Steps Professional Organizers Use


Everything in our lives is affected by organization or the lack of organization. Yes, it is true. You may not believe it, but it is true. If you are living in chaos, your mind is chaotic. If your mind is chaotic (emotional health), you are probably not sleeping well (physical health-so many issues are created because of lack of sleep). If you are not sleeping well, then you are grumpy, not at your friendliest or most helpful (relationships). If your relationships are suffering, then you are not happy and if you are unhappy then you could be binge eating, watching tv instead of exercising, and prematurely aging (no one wants that). Do you see how every aspect of your well-being is affected by organization? Well, it is.

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When everything around us is organized we can do more, achieve more, become more, and enjoy everything more as well. When we are certain that after a hard day of being great at everything else and for everyone else, we can regroup, relax, reevaluate, re-energize, and relax once we enter our organized space. However, if you maneuver chaos all day long out in the world and you do not have a safe place to unwind, relax,  or calm-it-down in your own personal sanctuary, then your brain (emotional) or your body (physical) does not have a safe place to land. Which can be the root of many illnesses.

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Are you feeling Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Dissatisfied? – It could all stem from your organizational habits or lack there-of. Life throws a lot at all of us on a daily basis in the outside world. How are you managing it all until now?


Do you want a solid grand system to totally organize life? Do you want some temporary techniques to apply now? Would you like permanent principles for how to organize your entire life?

So, before you can organize your space, you should first organize your lifestyle and although we all get off track at times, we only need to master a technique that works for our individual personality type to find our way back to our comfortable space.

During the times when your life is feeling chaotic, try asking the questions below to get yourself back on track. I believe in writing things down and you can use these techniques to record your current organizational status. Only use the questions that work for you and discard the rest, but I guarantee that if you ask and answer the questions that best suit your life, you will learn more about who you are and what you need to feel relaxed and centered in your life. You can also add questions that you feel help you to organize your psychic.


Try the following categories of self-examinations to help you organize your life in 10-minute personal focus sessions. The key to making this system work is to customize the questions to you and your lifestyle.


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These questions work for me today…but they do change from time to time.

My question is Why…

Organize Life for Self – Touching on my emotions and physical experience. Accept and appreciate how I feel right now. This is the core of how to organize my life for today. It starts from within. Be okay with where I am in order to get where I want to be.

Organize Life for Yesterday – Take a moment to reflect on yesterday, as that is where you have come from. What I did or did not do yesterday is the reason I where I am and feeling what I am feeling today. Reflect on yesterday to determine what I did wrong. Or, on the other hand, if I am in a good space today, reflect on yesterday to file it away so I can replicate it for today to continue on this positive journey.

Organize Life for Today – Think of the fixed appointments, the general layout of your day to come, and where the areas of your day are where you get to decide exactly what you do with your time. Focus on the time you have control of. We all have tasks and appointments that we must complete. These are out of our control. But there has to be some flexibility in our schedules. So now is when I either adapt to or change what is scheduled for my time that I do have control over. I will choose wisely because my time is precious.


Organize Life for Society – What do you want to do in society today? What is your place and purpose in terms of your contribution today? What will you do today to make society/your community more positive? Could be as simple as buying the person behind you in the Starbucks line a coffee or taking that homeless person outside your office building a $2.00 McDonald’s lunch. Do not skip this one. It is the one that will give you that feel good moment that everyone needs. You may think you are giving to someone else, but you will receive so much more when you take a moment to change someone else’s entire day.

Organize Life for Your Ideal Organized Life – Picture the biggest possible ideally organized living circumstances that fill your fantasy. What is it that would put at your best? This question connects you with the spark of life and reminds you of what you are working toward today. Always have an end or a goal in mind before you begin any task. If there is no goal, then what are you working toward? No goal, means, no end. And all tasks must have a beginning, middle and ending in order for us to complete it.

Organize Life for Projects – Now you are ready to consider the actual projects on your task list for today. Tasks, hobbies, interests, pursuits, business ideas, etc., and how to organize them for the best productivity throughout the day.

Organize Life for Right Now – Through the above self-analysis, you are probably now ready to decide on the next step activities to organize your life even more. Not so difficult…right? You must know that you are working towards some greater good. Be it for self, community, an employer, change, etc., you must have some insight into what success looks like. And the success is at the end of the project.

Organized Desk 1

This 10-minute review (when you’re feeling out of whack) may take longer when you first begin using this process. Take your time with it and refer back to this article from time-to-time to remind yourself of the importance of being centered and organized in your life. As an Organizational Enthusiast and influencer, I can guarantee that by doing this simple 10-minute process regularly your life will become more and more organized.

Bonus: Keep good notes so you remember what worked and what did not. This will be helpful in the future and will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over again.

So, do you have questions that would better fit your current level of lifestyle organization? Would you like to share? I hope so. You never know, sharing your personal questions could help someone else figure out their personal organizational style. It’s called, “paying it forward.”

…And do know that organization is not always about a closet or junk drawer. Sometimes it is more serious than that and depending on how you process stress and chaos, could easily be affecting your entire life.

Happy Organizing…

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Organize your life


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  1. Nancy Andres says:

    Thanks Clearissa for the great post on 7 steps professional organizers use. I believe it does make good sense to do what you suggest… “follow categories of self-examination to help you organize your life in 10-minute personal focus sessions. The key to making this system work is to customize the questions to you and your lifestyle.” This idea has worked for me. Pinned this post and wish you a great weekend.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you Nancy. I am so glad you enjoyed the article. I use this technique as well. It keeps me sane. Thank you so much for sharing the article with others.

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  9. indah nuria says:

    I do need to sit down and rethink about the best way to re-organize my life, Clearissa.. So far it’s been flowing well but organizing it will give us even better result I believe. Cheers and happy #OMHGWW

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