Weekly Organization Tip 7 – 10 Steps to an Organized Handbag

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Throw Back Thursday

Weekly Organization Tip 7 – 10 Steps to an Organized Handbag

Last year in January I did an organization challenge with my followers. The problem being I did not have very many followers back then which meant there wasn’t as much participation as I would have liked; however, the challenge was fun and one that helped several people get a handle on the clutter in different areas of their lives. The concept was that each day for 21 days we focused on one area for 10 minutes and decluttered and organized that area. The series went well and as I was participating along with my followers, it helped me to declutter and organize a few areas in my life as well.One of my favorite challenges was the challenge to organize my handbag.

Yes ladies you know how bad that black hole can get.  We sometimes pay a premium price for our handbags and then we fill them with stuff. Well in this throw back Thursday post, will help you fix this. I use one of the purse organizers mentioned below and it has been a wonderful organization tool and you know the sacred word of the Command Center, it is also inexpensive. So have fun cleaning out those purses ladies. I’ll bet you find some “stuff” you thought you would never see again. 🙂 Since this is a re-post, you don’t actually have to follow the ten-minute rule, but it might be fun to see if you can completely organize your handbag in ten minutes time. Let me know if you use only the ten minutes to get the job done.

Ladies I don’t know about you, but I generally carry a large bag. Actually, I carry a tote most of the time. I have a lot of stuff I need to carry around. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself. So in order to organize all of that stuff, I had to come up with ways to coral (I like that word) like items together. And also have them in a place where I could readily reach them. Who wants to struggle to find a lip gloss in the bottom of a large tote? Not me. So I have come up with a few ways to organize my purse and it is no longer the black hole. I hope the tips help you too.

Gentlemen, do not lose interest. You can take this information back to your lady friends and be a hero.  So do not tune out, instead share the tips.

Is this how your purse looks?
  1. First step, empty your bag. Make sure to have your trash receptacle near and toss all the old gum wrappers, paper napkins, empty dental floss containers, etc. Purge all old stuff and things you really do not need to carry in your purse. Your shoulder or arm will thank you for lightening the load.
  2. Make sure you either have pouches or a purse organizer on hand. I love the purse organizers. I have one that I simply move from purse to purse. It makes changing purses so easy and it keeps all my stuff in place in my purse. You can order one here. 
  3. If you do not have pouches or a purse organizer, use zip lock bags for now.
  4. Put like items together in the same bag. Coupons in one container (I use a small credit card wallet for now but as I get better at couponing, I am realizing I need something larger), makeup in another and, dental floss, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc., in yet another. Once you have your purse organizer, you will not need all of the separate bags.
  5. You can store your hair brush in a separate pocket of the purse. I love the handbags with multiple pockets. Don’t you? For me, it’s all about everything having a place to call home.
  6. If you still carry your store loyalty cards, on a key ring, ditch it. There is a great app for both Androids and iPhones that allows you to keep all of your loyalty cards on your phone. It is the most convenient way to keep up with them. You can find the keyring app at the play store or the apple store and it’s free!
  7. With everything in a bag or pouch of some sort, you can now replace the items you are keeping back in your purse.
  8. Business cards (in a business card holder of course) and wallet are the first to go back. They are both things you will always need quick access to. So they should have a prominent place.
  9. Once everything is in place, you will feel great! I promise
  10. One last thing…make sure you leave a convenient pocket for your keys. Don’t you just hate it when you have to take everything out of your purse just to find your keys? It is annoying…right? My remedy for that is to take the time to place your keys in the same pocket every time that you put them in your purse. I have a key ring that has a hook on the end. I can hook my keys over the end of the purse where the zipper ends. Once the purse is zipped, all you see is the little end of the hook. My keys are safely hanging on the inside of my purse but easily accessible.
Purse Organizer
Purse Organizer

 Note: Consider giving yourself the gift of a purse organizer. They are wonderful, inexpensive and will save you loads of time searching for things later. And they make changing from one purse to another a snap.

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