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 From the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via My Soulful Life 

Sometimes I need retail therapy.  Depending on what I am going through, there are times when nothing else will make me as good as shopping. Lucky for me, I also have a close friend who relates to this feeling and is always available to shop with me.

My friend makes herself available whenever I feel the need for retail therapy and I respond in kind the same for her. We have learned that it is not always about actually bringing home merchandise. Oh no, sometimes we go and can spend a couple of hours just perusing our favorite stores and specialty shops. What makes the two of us feel better is just the anticipation of finding that special item. It is especially liberating if we find that special item at a bargain price.

As to not misunderstand when a date for shopping is just a “hey do you want to grab some lunch and hit a few shops” versus an “I really need this outing,” we have a code phase which is shop now.  When that phrase is used, we both know it a must shop day.

I have not told my friend, but the time I spend with her is so much more the necessity than the actual retail therapy, but for now we will continue to use shopping as our method of quality time together while fulfilling our need to that special something. For now…it works for the both of us.



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