Spring Kitchen Vignette-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #7

spring kitchen vignette

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Spring Kitchen Vignette-Friday’s Quick Tip Week #7

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spring kitchen vignette

When decorating, it is a good and cost-effective idea to use small groupings of objects that create a focal point. These inexpensive groupings add life to a space and help to make a space feel like home. These small groupings are called vignettes and this vignette is a spring kitchen vignette.

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In this article, I am sharing a vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point and “tells a story”. I love vignettes because they are an affordable way to bring charm, character, and life to any space. Not to mention, vignettes personalize an area as well.

The spring kitchen vignette  I put together is built on a two-tiered tray that is easily moved. The ability to move the tray around is also a plus because in the kitchen if I need to use the counter space as a prep area I can just pick up the tray and place it someplace else. That is a definite plus when dealing with a cozy kitchen.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative/Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

To add spring to my two-tiered tray, I, of course, added a few florals. The florals also add a pop of color and bring the vignette to life. I also included bunnies in the vignette to add a bit of whimsy.

spring kitchen vignette

There are little items with sentimental verbiage as well as other small items that make me smile and that is what a vignette is all about. I also added a DIY to the grouping in the little white box. It was a simple $1.00 item that I painted and added the word grow on one side and flowers on the other. I cut the lettering with my vinyl cutting machine. It was a fun project.

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As a bit of pizazz, I added two Rae Dunn pieces, one in black and the other in white which continues the black and white theme. The buffalo checked dish towel and canister set add to the look. Using yellow as the pop of color and to offset the black and white, gives the little tray and the corner of the kitchen where it sits the modern farmhouse touch I am going for.

spring kitchen vignette

As I said before, a vignette does not have to cost a lot. I used items I already had and that cost very little to personalize the grouping. I think the only thing I purchased with this vignette in mind was the buffalo checked easter egg and it was only $4.99 and I can use it for years to come and I can use it in different vignettes.


I love vignettes and the way they lighten up and add personality to a room. How about you? Do you use vignettes in your decor? Do you find it easy and cost-effective to use vignettes? I would love to see pictures of your spring vignettes.

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