Summer Thrifting & Antiquing in Raleigh, NC


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Summer Thrifting & Antiquing in Raleigh, NC

Monday Memories

This is the first of my Monday Memories…A reboot or remix, if you will of articles I think deserve a second chance and that you will find useful.  Enjoy and make your own Monday Memories. By the way, these are still three of my favorite thrifting places.

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C4 Boutique

Are you a thrifter? Do you enjoy antiquing? Do you love hunting through rows and rows of “stuff” looking for that special piece that speaks to you? I do and if you are a regular Command Center/Divinely Organized follower, you know thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. Summer is a great time to thrift and shop for antiques because it seems that vendors are extra active and bring their “A” game during the warmer months.  In this post, I will share three of my favorite places to shop for antiques and thrift. There are other places in the area and I frequent them all; however, these are my go to shops and to make it even better, all three are in my neighborhood. Score!!! So come with me to do some Summer Thrifting. 

Thrift 2 Gift (T2G)

Thrift to Gift Outdoor Sign PMSummer Thrifting







Like most of my special places, I found Thrift2Gift (T2G) while passing by on my way to someplace else. I popped in to take a quick look/see (because I cannot bypass a chance to peruse a thrift shop) and I was hooked. The staff is friendly and accommodating and they are quick to explained that this particular thrift shop is a Christian-based, non-profit thrift shop. T2G partners with other non-profit ministries in an effort to help meet physical and spiritual needs within our community and abroad. I was impressed and before I bought anything from the shop, I returned 2 days later with my trunk filled with donations.


From that day forward, I have made a point of stopping by at least once every week or so. Some days I find nothing. Other days I find treasures. T2G is not high-end and I began shopping here in an effort to support their cause and at first, I bought mainly glass items that I upcycled. See the set below that began life as a glass bowl, candlestick, and an old silver tray. Once I put my e6000, chalk paint and creativity to work on these three pieces, I finished with a stylish duo that is now for sale in my online eStore. Stay tuned for the launch of my Craft Boutique.


I was content finding great glass objects and odds and ends at T2G until one day I walked in and literally bumped into a leather chair that is, until this day, my largest upcycle from T2G.

Bunny Project PM Summer Thrifting







The photography isn’t that great (I’m getting better) but the chair project turned out great. See the entire project process here.

T2G Collage 2 PM   Summer Thrifting








Summer Thrifting T2G Inside 8 PM








There is something new every time I visit T2G and the staff is always welcoming. Visit Thrift2Gift if you are ever in the area. They will treat you like family and you may find.


a treasure.


Peterson’s Consigning Design

Summer Thrifting

It never fails, when I enter Peterson’s I am in awe. There is a beautiful vignette everywhere I  turn and it’s all beautifully done. Peterson’s is a high-end consignment shop that offers the best in slightly used treasures. There is not an inch of space in this shop that is not decorated beautifully and the joy is that everything is for sale. WhooHoo!

Peterson's Entry PM

This is what you see when you enter Peterson’s.  Every place you look, there is something beautiful.

Summer Thrifting

There is a large fabric selection available and you can purchase the fabric or have the professionals at Peterson’s reupholster your special furniture piece for you. This photo only shows a portion of the fabric selection available.

Summer Thrifting

Such a cute vignette. The silver candlestick would be beautiful with any tablescape.

Summer Thrifting

Find one-of-kind items at Peterson’s

Summer Thrifting

Oh, that blue desk. Do you like the chairs?

Summer Thrifting

In the market for a new dining room set? The furniture at Peterson’s is in perfect condition and there is a style for everyone.

Summer Thrifting

At Peterson’s you have to look very closely so that you don’t miss something special. Like in this photo be sure to look up or you would miss those yellow vases. And there are lamps and pillows everywhere. I can spend hours in this shop and you can too.

Summer Thrifting

If you happen to find a piece that you would like to change, you can buy the paint and glazes right here at Peterson’s. This spot is your one-stop shop.

Summer Thrifting

Summer Thrifting







That’s your Peterson’s tour. It is quite the experience. The staff is friendly and very helpful and I believe their product source is never ending because as I shop, they are putting out new stuff all the time. And there is a second floor where you will find designer clothes and accessories. I did not venture up those stairs because this article is focused on antiques and thrifting (and I did not want to get distracted), but believe me, there are treasures up there as well. It’s a beautiful place to shop. If you are ever in the area you must experience Peterson’s Consigning Design. You will be glad you did.

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The Raleigh Flea Market

Our last stop on this thrifting and antiquing in the Raleigh/Cary, NC area is the Raleigh Flea Market.  The Raleigh Flea Market has a fun, family-friendly atmosphere and acres of merchandise! They boast more than 600 vendors, located both indoors and out, selling a huge variety of items. Our flea market has the largest selection of antiques, jewelry, and furniture in North Carolina! You can shop for antiques or just old stuff, have lunch and then shop for new furniture, jewelry, clothing and specialty items. There is a vendor for everyone. Doesn’t the front entrance kinda look like a castle? I love it.

Grove Grove Collaborative

Doesn’t the front entrance kinda look like a castle? I love it.

Summer Thrifting

Come on inside.

Summer Thrifting

When you enter the castle-like doorway, you are greeted with vendors of all kinds for as far as you can see. Vendor booths, like this Americana style, span the entire structure. Do you like Americana? I love the stars and the furniture pieces. Oh yeah, and I like the signs too. I guess I like Americana. 🙂


This booth is always beautifully doSummer Thriftingne. The vendor always has really pretty items and she dresses her booth to the nine.

Summer Thrifting

Yes, this is the same vendor, but I wanted to pan out so you can see that beautiful chandelier. This picture does not do it justice. It is gorgeous.

Summer Thrifting

This booth is really stocked. Only at the North Carolina flea market can you purchase ole skool corning ware, church hats and other odds and ends you would not expect to be together. It’s amazing and fun. You never know what you will find. 🙂

Summer Thrifting

How about a booth with only outdoor flags? Yep, and it’s stocked to the rafters. Who knew there were that many outdoor flags available?

Summer Thrifting

Another vendor with a booth of goodies.

Summer Thrifting

How about this outdoor furniture vendor?

Before we move to the outside, I want to stress that there are so many vendors in the inside that one could take a half day or more just visiting the inside vendors. And don’t forget to stop and grab a bite to eat and get a box of fresh popcorn and an icy or some homemade fudge or home baked goods, or an ice cream cone. There is a very good variety of food vendors inside and out. Including food trucks.

Summer Thrifting

Now that we’ve moved to the outside vendors know that you can find almost anything here. Like these knobs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I know you are thinking what I’m thinking…I need these in my life for crafting. 🙂

Summer Thrifting

Of course, there are all sorts of storage choices. Such as these metal buckets. Aren’t they sweet?  Take a peek behind the metal cans and look at those wonderful baskets. Wow!!!

Summer Thrifting

This is one of many vendors that has all sorts of items. This flea market is one of those places where you have to take your time and look high and low. Bring lots of hand sanitizer, because you will want to touch all of these treasures and will need to sanitize your hands often (it is outside after all).

Summer Thrifting

I love these old bottles, don’t you? I’m not so fond of the doll. She’s a little creepy to me. I guess I’ve “attempted” to watch too many horror movies. I say attempted because my eyes are mostly closed throughout those types of movies. 🙂 Okay on to the next vendor.

Summer Thrifting

Old windows are the rage right now. They are so versatile and can be used in many craft projects. And you can find many at the North Carolina Flea Market and they are generally priced to sell and of course, this is a flea market and there is always room to negotiate the price. I love the negotiation part of the deal!

Summer Thrifting

More good stuff.

Summer Thrifting

Finally, more storage items or if you’re creative, they could be upcycled for other uses as well. I am so loving that metal planter on the left as well. 🙂

Flea Market Bar Stools PM Summer Thrifting

I bought the bar stools above with the white seats from the flea market last year. They were two different sets. But once I painted and recovered the seats they look like they belong together. You can see the entire upcycle here.

So our antiquing and thrifting journey comes to an end. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and that if you are in the Raleigh, NC area, you will visit my favorite treasure spots.

North Carolina is not the only state with great places to antique and thrift. They are all over these 50 United States. If you are interested in other great places to thrift/antique this summer, hop on over to Invaluable and get a list of the top US towns for summer antiquing. Enjoy the hunt in these cities as well.

Where do you find your special antique or thrift pieces? Will you be traveling to other towns to thrift this summer? If so, where?

Happy summer and happy thrifting and antiquing!

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24 thoughts on “Summer Thrifting & Antiquing in Raleigh, NC

  1. Karleen says:

    Clearissa, great article on your local thrift/antique shops! They look like great places to find cool stuff! I love thrifting here in Oregon. I have found many used books for practically nothing that I can sell on Amazon for a nice profit. That’s what I mostly shop for. But there are so many other treasures to find at thrift shops! Thanks for sharing these great finds!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Claudette, You are going to have a ball thrifting. Especially if you are an upcycler or DIYer. Have fun and I would love to see pictures of the treasures you find. 🙂

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi says:

    i love Antique Furniture more so because most stuff these days is made from MDF that wont last two minutes. I upcycled out Side board, With a Glass top, And Puzzles under the top, it is a talking point and convo starter. LOoks lie you are well * truly hooked on Thrifting lol!

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Julie, thanks for reading along. Yes I love thrifting. I have an old sideboard as well. It was in horrible shape when we were gifted it. But it is a beautiful piece. It was one of the first large pieces I ever did and I’ve learned a lot since then. I am thinking of redoing it this fall. I would love to see pics of yours.

  5. Mary says:

    Wow I should move down to your neck of the woods. Here in New York, there are no thrifting stores in the city if you exclude Goodwill. You have so much thrifty goodness to pick from.

  6. Carol says:

    It looks like you’ve got lots of great thrift shops and flea markets around you. Your seating at the end of the post looks lovely with the fabric you chose.

  7. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Carol, yes I am lucky to have such good thrifting in my area. There are many other shops and consignment shops too but those were just 3 of my favorite places to shop. Thank you for complimenting my seating. I am about ready to change the fabric. Maybe next year. 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  8. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Dianna. You made me laugh out loud with your Pyrex comment. 🙂 Yes we do have some great spots here and those were only three. There are many more. Have a great weekend.

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