Ten Extra Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape

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I am late for the party. I missed the boat. I am a slow bloomer. Sad…right?  Well I am finally in the know. Did you know about washi tape? Don’t judge me. 🙂 Yes I knew it existed but I had never used it for any project. I had never even purchased a role until 2-weeks ago. But now I am a convert. You can find some really cute colors of washi tape here.

I happened to be doing some DIY supply shopping at one of the signature DIY stores and the washi tape was on one of the isle caps. There were so many pretty colors and the price was right. So I bought 6 of 3 different colors. After getting it home, I went into a project coma. In my mind’s eye, I came up with all sorts of different ways to use this stuff. And then I did a little research.

My research showed some of the most creative ways to use this tape. Some of the ways Washi tape is used truly floored me. I have listed 10 of the best or most creative uses below. I only have 10 ideas listed but do know the list below is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • From the Tip Junkie
    • Washi Tape Toy Car Track – The tape is adhered directly to the floor and provides hours of entertainment for kids. It’s a cost effective way to build the track your kids want for their mini cars. And you can change the track at will.
    • Personalize your phone case with fun bright washi tape patterns – how cool is this. Any color, any style, any pattern; the affect is only limited by your imagination.
    • Washi Tape Thumb Tacks – Turn ordinary thumb tacks into super adorable ones by covering them with small pieces of washi tape. They are so pretty. I have such great ideas for that.
    • Washi Tape Lampshade Lining– This lined washi tape lampshade is beautiful!  Since the tape is repositionable you can play with the desired pattern. This is simply too creative for words.
    • DIY Switch plate– Update an ordinary or plain switch plate with washi tape. This can be done for pennies.
    • Washi Tape Window Treatment The tape is heat resistant so it stays in place.  You can lightly iron it on the plain fabric for a stronger bond.  When the season is over you can wash the valance and change the tape to a different design. So much creativity, so little time.
    • Window Treatment Washi Tape Sofa Legs – Customize sofa legs in five minutes by wrapping them in washi tape.  You could also do this to table legs. And you can change it at will. Wow!
    • DIY Washi Tape Smash Book/Journal Tape the edges of a journal to make page turning easier and of course, pretty! I actually love this. How many ways could you organize your journals and planner
    • Planters You can make any design you can imagine and again…for pennies.
    • Washi Tape Vehicle – Yes I’m serious. A vehicle covered in washi tape. That’s the ultimate.


So those are just 10 unbelievable ways to use this miracle material. But dare I say there are millions more?

I have one idea of how to use the Washi tape when I change out the paper and reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I am so excited. Stay tuned.


I don’t know how I missed out on this for so long, but finally I have arrived. Better late than never.

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