How to Inexpensively Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets

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I received a couple of great gifts for Christmas this year. A palm sander and a handheld labeler. I am in reorganization and up cycle heaven. Because it’s been so cold here, and I don’t have a basement area, I haven’t used the sander yet but I have put the labeler to good use.

My under the sink area in the master and guest bathrooms were okay. I had purged some and added a few dollar store storage items to organize the spaces, but something was missing. And once I received the labeler, I figured it out… My OCDishness (I’m sure that is not a word) was not satisfied because the bins were not labeled. So I did another light purge and began the joyous process of labeling.

Now the master bath cabinets seem complete. I love the dollar store stackable storage bins and they come in all sorts of colors. They also have many other types of storage containers as well. You can find other great storage containers at the dollar store here. And for a dollar each…you can organize this area under the sink or other areas of your home for pennies. The shelf paper is from another outlet store and it was priced reasonably as well. I don’t remember the exact price but I do know it was a huge role and it was priced right. I really try not to do expensive when it comes to redesigning or organizing a home. If I can complete a project on a small and/or tight budget, I feel accomplished.


So the labels are on, everything is in its place and there’s a place for everything. The guest bathroom is organized but not labeled and I hope you can see the difference. It’s sort of like a tire without a hubcap. It’s usable but it is not esthetically pleasing.

Master Bath:Picture 7 PM Picture 11 PM Picture 1 PM

Next step to happiness is to purge the guest bath cabinets a bit more and label the storage bins. Then I think I’ll move on to my linen closet. Yes I think I’ll label the linen closet as well. Why you ask…because it makes me happy and organization should be fun for all of us. Also, it will help hubby put things back in the correct place.

Guest bath:

Picture 9 PM Picture 8 PM





I do need your help on something. I would like to make the pipes look more attractive. I realize I probably should’t paint them, but is there perhaps a way to wrap them to make them more attractive? I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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