Thankful Thursday 11-13-2014

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Thankful Thursday – 11-13-2014

This week I am focusing on the changing seasons. I realize many folks are not fond of the fall and especially winter months but I believe each season serves a purpose for our well-being. So I thought I would share my take on the changing seasons and why I am thankful for all four seasons, no matter the weather.

For me, it not January 1 that epitomizes new beginnings, it is Spring. Spring makes everything fresh and new.  A do over, if you will. One always feels like they are metamorphosing from a caterpillar to a butterfly at the first signs of spring. Shedding the mainly dark and heavy coats and sweaters for the lighter and more colorful jackets and fabrics.  We toss those boots in exchange for strappy shoes and feel a sense of freedom that only spring can bring. The spring showers wash away any remnants of winter as it rinses away the last reminder of dirty snow and encourages daffodils to grow and we scurry around making things beautiful for the coming days outdoors. I am thankful for feeing refreshed.

As the hot and lazy days of summer approach, our lives tend to slow down a bit. We are not as rushed. We spend time with family doing fun things, relaxing in a hammock, driving for the sake of perusing the summer gardens of our neighbors and friends. Sharing ice cream during the afternoon heat, and there is nothing more delightful than watching a child frolic in the sand and enjoying the waves of the ocean at the beach. Summer is a time to relish in a simpler way of life. I am thankful for the joy of relaxation.

The fall season showcases the diverse beauty of nature as we watch the beautiful colors of trees and shrubs as they prepare for hibernation during the colder season. All of the lush greens and colorful flowers turn to yellows and golds and our moods change as well. Fall is the beginning of the nesting season. Like other animal life we begin to complete our harvesting and prepare to spend the next few months tucked away  inside our habitat during the long cold nights of the winter nights.  We Hibernate and adjust to living with less light, more clothing, and less time for outdoor activities. I am grateful for the feeling of coziness that fall brings.

The quiet hush of a new snow fall. A cup of hot chocolate while you listen to the wind howl. Comfort food and soft blankets shared with a loved one by the fire…these are just a few of the joys of winter. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is much different than the lazy days of summer and snowmen and icicles are a beautiful sight to see. We are indoors together much more and our families bond over popcorn and hot cider and the winter season does its jobs to manage insects and weeds and other elements that would probably become a nuisance if it were not for ole man winter. The longer nights and shorter days are perfect for relishing in the ritual of planning. Planning our futures, planning next year’s garden, planning for all the new things we will do when we, once again, put winter to bed in exchange for the awakening of spring. I am thankful for the majestic beauty of winter.

See you next Thursday for more of my soulful life.


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