Good Skin 101, Step Five – The Eyes Have It


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Good Skin 101, Step Five – Eye Treatments

So far we have  cleansed, toned, moisturized, and added a monthly facial mask to our skin care routine. This post will discuss a targeted area…the eyes. We all know the eye area can become a problem area for many of us. Bags, dark circles, wrinkles, sagging or puffiness, can all be issues that require a specialized product. Avon has an eye cream, gel. Serum or system  to alleviate each of the issues mentioned above. Yaaay Avon!

When your eyes look tired your whole face looks tired. Therefore special care to this delicate area is a must for a good skin care routine. Take a look at just a few of the eye care products Avon has to offer. I am positive there is a product  to alleviate any issue you are currently experiencing  or you can find a preventive product to avoid these issues in the future.

I combine a home remedy, cold tea bags, with the Anew Eyelift system and the Avon Vitale eye cream. I use the tea bags whenever my eyes are puffy. It’s a simple trick, just take two used teabags and pop them in the freeze r for about 5 minutes. Once the tea bags are cold, get into your favorite chair and place a tea bag on each eye and relax for about 10 – 15 minutes. This is a quick and soothing method for shrinking the bags underneath your eyes and for generally making your tired eyes not so tired any longer.

On a daily basis I use the Anew Eye Lift at night before going to bed and the Vitale Eye Cream in the mornings. The steps for morning and night are:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize
  • Eye System

It may sound expensive, but it only takes a little dab of each to get the desired effect. I only use the tea bags when my eyes are extremely puffy and tired or before a special event.

PM Anew Genetics Eye Cream              PM Revitalist Eye System                 PM Anew Platinum Eye Cream

One more bit of advice. Always use your ring finger to apply your eye cream to the eye area. The ring finger has the least amount of strength of any other finger on your hand and you can avoid tugging at the delicate skin around the eyes. Prolonged tugging and pulling will cause wrinkles and we are all trying to avoid those. 🙂 For this post, I have highlighted eye systems from the Avon Anew Line. However, Avon offers other lines as well. I am certain there is one to fit your current price point and your current skin care needs. Visit my site or contact me personally for additional choices.

If you missed my posts on cleansing toning, moisturizing, and facials, be sure to read them as well.

To your skin health

PM Ultimate Eye System                  PM Eye Lift                              PM Vitale Eye Gel

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