Thankful Thursday ~ Week 2

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It’s Thankful Thursday and I am back with a little yoga for the mind…So for this week, let’s WhooSah with gratefulness.

This week has been hectic and busy, both at my 9 – 5 and at home. So when I say, I am ready to exhale this upcoming weekend, you can believe me. But through it all, I have so much to be grateful for and I am feeling quite favored right now.

I had a discussion with a loved one on Sunday. The conversation was impromptu, but the matter has been bothering me for quite some time. You see, I love this person with all my heart and I was watching this person fall deeper and deeper into a depression. Her light was extinguished and she was a shell of the vibrant, loving, happy, outgoing person I know her to be. My dilemma was how to broach the subject without thrusting her deeper into the darkness or pushing her away from me. I had been praying on this subject for quite some time now, but the timing to discuss this was never right. But on Sunday afternoon, it happened and it happened without any pre-planning. It began and the concern and the worry simply rolled out of my heart and off of my lips. And I am so grateful that my concerned was well received. I am grateful that she heard me. I am grateful that she not only heard me but made an appointment and followed through to speak with someone…she actually showed up to receive help. Lord I thank you! This was difficult for me. I did not want her to feel that I was picking on her. I wanted her to just know that it was based and grounded in the fact that I love her and that is exactly what happened. I opened my mouth and the Divine spoke for and through me and we are now on a path to recovery. So thankful!

I am grateful for like minded people in my life. It is easier to live a positive life when one is surrounded by positive people, and I am. Oh it has not always been that way, but the weeding began without any doing on my part. I prayed for negativity to be removed from my life and when I looked around, people were moving out of my life. At first the change made me sad. I missed my friends and some family immensely. I felt deserted and alone, but after awhile I noticed that as the negative people left, they were replaced by others with a more positive outlook and attitude. And then I had a light bulb moment and realized I was getting exactly what I had asked for—positivity in my life. Again, so grateful for favor.

This week also brought more inquiries and interest into my new business endeavor than I have received in the entire time I have been pushing to get my passion onto paper. What a blessing to have people show an interest in and support of my dream. In the words of my grandmother…”they didn’t have to do it but they did” and I am grateful.

It’s been a positive week, it’s been a creative week, and it’s been a week that has given a new spark to my dream. It has been a week of small miracles that I am grateful for.

Once again, I am blessed in abundance because I know how important grace and mercy truly are. And I am in a positive place because I do know how important this life truly is. Never forget even your negatives have a positive side.  Remember if you are in a valley right now, you are being prepared  for your mountain top.

 Turn your negative into a positive and live a positive life.



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