Thankful Thursday~Week 1

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I understand this is a business/Entrepreneur/DIY/Organizer-Redesigner/Recipe Blog, but we all have a real life…right? And I want to share some of my personal journey with you. You know there are all sorts of challenges going on around social media. Well a friend challenged me to a seven day positive living/remember to be grateful challenge. The concept is that for seven days I have to reflect on my life and share something positive and that I am grateful for. Sounds easy enough…right? But in this life where I am always on the run, trying to be that available person for everyone else, this challenge began as just another chore. However, the more I stopped the world to reflect on just how blessed I truly am, the more it became therapeutic instead of a chore. I began to look forward to the end of the day, even a not so good one, in order to reflect and find something positive in all of the challenges I had encountered during the day. Do not panic, I am not challenging you, but I am adding “Thankful Thursday” to my blog. A little yoga for the mind, if you will.  Do stop by and participate in this because we all need to just say “thank you” for the little pleasures and gifts we receive daily. I am hoping this will become an online way of relaxing and remembering how special this life truly is. So beginning today, I am going to turn a negative into a positive with my personal “Thank You Thursday.”

I am grateful and thankful  for the people in my life who forget all the times I have said “yes” to them when it comes to a point when I have to say “no”. I am grateful and thankful for the people in my life who only contact me when it’s convenient for them or when they need something from me. I am grateful and thankful for the people in my life who believe that my life should start, stop and revolve around their life and the effects of their decisions and that the days I have left on this earth should not be spent fulfilling my dreams or accomplishing the things on my bucket list because they simply aren’t as important as their desires. …hummm I realize you all are thinking okay Clearissa has finally crossed over to the dark side. Nope not the case at all. There is a method to my madness…

I am grateful for the yes/no folks because they have made me realize how blessed I am for those folks in my life who are understanding and realistic enough to realize that sometimes a no is not just for my convenience, but it can be a positive for them as well. Sometimes, always saying yes, makes one an enabler. Also, the real people in life understand everyone is entitled to say the dreaded “no I can’t do it this time” without guilt trips and/or fake understanding because fake is felt. I am grateful for those folks in my life who never contact me unless I can do something for them, because they have helped me to realize how blessed I am to have those people in my life that will call, text, send a card, or stop by just because. Just because I was important enough. Just because I was on their mind. Just because they think I am worth it. Finally, I am grateful for those people who are either in or have passed through my life and believe that “my” life is not as important as theirs. Recently, I was blessed with an epiphany that this is it for me. This is the only life I get. I do not get a do-over. I do not get an oops, let me try that again. This is it and I have to cherish my life and live it in a manner that allows me to fulfill my personal destiny. And most importantly, my life and my passions are as significant as the next person.

But I am blessed in abundance because I know how important grace and mercy truly are. And I am in a positive place because I do know how important this life truly is. Never forget even your negatives have a positive side if you only stop, breath, ask for divine guidance and then and only then do you try to decipher your current valley in order to see your mountain top.

Turn your negative into a positive and live a positive life.


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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday~Week 1

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Absolutely Elisa. Heard a very similar message on my way into work this morning on the Yolanda Williams show. Just confirmation!:)

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