The Shelf Project

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The Shelf Project

Before my vacation, I, Divinely Organized, was commissioned for two small projects. Yay! One was to refresh a powder room in a rental property and the other was to paint a shelf to match a picture frame. I will write a post about the powder room refresh later. But for today, I wanted to share the shelf project.

A friend lost a family member and wanted to create a memorial wall. She had already purchased a beautiful frame and added a large photo of her loved one to the wall and wanted a small shelf to match the frame. Her request was for the shelf to look like it and the frame were a set.

After seeing the frame in a cell phone picture, I began the process. The first step was to find a shelf with similar lines as the frame. I was lucky enough to find a solid wood frame at AC Moore. It was reasonably priced and the length was right. The original surface of the frame was just a wood tone. I wish I had taken a photo of the frame before the primer and paint, but I did not.

I primed the shelf and once it was thoroughly dry. While the basecoat was drying I made my own chalk paint using an equal parts of flat latex paint and Plaster of Paris. I used two coats of the chalk paint in white on shelf allowing each to dry between coats.

Kim's Memorial Shelf PM 1

Although the frame was white it had a light purple detail, my deceased friend’s favorite color, around the entire frame and I knew I would have to come up with that same color to add detail to the shelf if I wanted the two to look like a pair. I mixed purple acrylic paint with my chalk paint to attain the light purple color on the frame. I used stencils to apply the purple paint in several places on the shelf. There are roses, her favorite flower, and the word love in a couple of places as well.

Kim's Memorial Shelf PM 2

I and my client were pleased with the color match and the design.

It was a small project but it was an important one to me because of the way my client wanted to use the shelf and because I am a friend of the family. I was a little nervous until the family said they loved the frame and shelf together. They were pleased and so was I.

Kim's Memorial Shelf PM

What do you think? I wish the photo was a little better, as you know, it is difficult to match whites. There are so many different hues of white, but I am happy to say, the colors are right on. While I was working on the shelf for my client, I also picked up one for myself to add to my laundry area. I refreshed and organized my laundry area a while ago, you can read that article here.

I painted my shelf yellow. Again I used paint I already had and add the Plaster of Paris to make my own chalk paint. I just love the way chalk paint covers. I was undecided as to whether to stenciled my shelf or age it via sanding. I decided to stencil. I can always age the shelf later.

Yellow Shelf PM 2

The shelf is a cute addition to the area. Not sure what I will place on it yet. Probably something pretty but it was fun to be away from the computer and actually working with my hands. I have to find more time to do just that.

Yellow Shelf PM 1   Yellow Shelf PM 3

I hope you enjoy these two little shelf projects and I’m happy I was able to get everything I needed from AC Moore. They were my one stop shop for these two projects. Have you worked on any small projects lately? If so, share.

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6 thoughts on “The Shelf Project

  1. Amanda says:

    What a fun project. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your post with the #homemattersparty community. We’re happy to have you.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you so much Amnanda. You guys are so talented, I know I’ll learn a lot and I am looking forward to making some real friends. Thank you for reaching out. 🙂

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